I had the insomniac trait, and it was really powerful. I think it hampers you too much. I am a chronic insomniac an I usually only stay up at latest till 3, you sometimes don’t sleep at all with this trait.

I think itd differ from person to person, one of my friends could hardly sleep because of it.

That is correct, so I think we should find a happy medium. I think you should only stay up till around 5ish in game

I haven’t looked at the sleep code in a while so I don’t recall exactly how much of an effect Insomniac has. I do know that my Insomniac characters rarely, if ever, sleep before becoming Tired, and a 20-hour day isn’t unknown. I’ve had a few 24-hour-plus periods, including Dead Tired, but scrambling back to the Lab in the dead of night with a bike full of scrounged gear and hoping that the worms stay on the other side of town would probably provide enough low-grade adrenaline to stay awake for that.

to be honest, I’m an insomniac IRL as well, a 20-hour day is pretty tame.

However if you just take some Nyquil or sleeping pills you should be fine. Then again, I’ve been proscribed strong sleeping medication myself and it only worked for a few days before I seemed to build up a tolerance to it. Awake till 3am, fall asleep from exhaustion and end up late for class.

An afternoon class. Ah, good old uni days.

I don’t think it counts as a disorder unless it effects your activities during the day. Correct me if I’m wrong but the point of sleep in the game is to remove the “tired” moodlet and to heal. Those are 2 important reasons to sleep. Taking the insomniac trait gives you very valuable points so it should hinder your ability to heal and possibly cause you to pass out at an inappropriate and possibly dangerous moment. Like many of the other negative traits you can take some kind of supplement like sleeping pills and nyquil.

I think that sums up the balance of the insomniac trait. Personally I think it’s perfect the way it is. I found out in my last game that it’s a tough negative trait to deal with so now I tend to stay away from it but I could see myself taking it again in the next game because it can be managed.

I like it :slight_smile:

I think there might be a difference between simply staying up and not feeling tired, and feeling really tired and wanting to go to sleep but can’t. The latter of which is insomnia. It’s not necessarily staying awake for a long time, it is the inability to sleep in every sense of the word. There is a disconnect between how exhausted the body and the brain is at the end of the day, and the brain’s ability to put itself to sleep.

The game is somewhat accurate when depicting the symptoms of insomnia, though perhaps for more severe cases in terms of someone who simply can’t sleep for several days straight.

Yah I know, now that I think about my case of not being able to sleep at all is a pretty mild one. meh.

Sleeping pills and nyquil are pretty common, at least. I think that is sort of what the flaw is trying to do, it is sort of like starting with a sleeping pill dependency, which functions pretty much the same way.

That said, there should be a limit. Not sleeping at all is a bit much, especially when it can put you into a position where you just can’t heal. Which is worse than a lot of other debuffs.