How to exclude CBMs/bionics?

Can anyone tell me if there is a simple way to exclude CBMs/bionics from the game, for example when using ‘classic zombies’ mod?
Or remove high-tech altogether from the game?

Sometimes I hanker for the 80s… :slight_smile:

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Through modding and using blacklists, yes.

The (discontinued) Dark Skies Above mod did this, for example. You can check the blacklist files, especially the item blacklist, to get some better understanding on how to do it.

Thanks. That looks just right.
So I just create my own mod blacklist and include these plus any other items that I want the game to exclude, right?

Yeah, exactly.
Just remember to add your mod to your world when generating it and you should be good.

Thanks. Cool. All set for retro… Time to hit the chopping mall! :wink:

Dark Skies Above is back, as a collaborative effort between ephemeral_storyteller and myself. Expect great things or at least decent things or at least surveillance drones beeping at you until they summon alien skirmishers to murder you.


Oh, good to know! I just saw that a few minutes ago as I gave Frank a try and wondered if it was just “deobsoleted” for the stable release or if it is actually maintained again :smiley: .

You! You’re the guy!
You wrote the modding guide that got me going! Turning a game into an obsession. It’s all your fault… Thank you. :slight_smile: