Looking to Blacklist Classes


Im working on a no BIONICS or CBM mod and I have all of them blacklisted. Also I would like to blacklist the bionics classes as well. Anything with a CBM I want gone. Forum search and a semi quick look through the Mods, i didnt see anything that resembled a ban on classes.

So, How do I remove Bionic snipers, patients, thiefs from the Professions tab?

Here is a sneak peek at what I’ve got right now. I’m assuming I will have to make a whole new file to ban Classes? Not sure where to begin.

Any help is appreciated, Thank you!

“type”: “MOD_INFO”,
“mod-type”: “SUPPLEMENTAL”,
“ident”: “No_Bionics”,
“name”: “No Bionics”,
“author”: “BrackDiesel”,
“description”: “Removes all types of Bionics, CBM enhancements and professions.”,
“category”: “item_exclude”,
“path”: “modinfo.json”
“items”: [

First thing would be to add modifers for the bionic professions, and simply give them all the SCEN_ONLY flag, if they don’t already have it. This prevents them from showing up in any scenario that permits the default array of professions. For example:

    "type": "profession",
    "ident": "broken_cyborg",
    "edit-mode": "modify",
    "add:flags" : ["SCEN_ONLY"]

Second thing is to modify the scenarios they would still appear in, to remove them. Like so:

    "type": "scenario",
    "ident": "lab_chal",
    "edit-mode": "modify",
    "remove:professions" : ["broken_cyborg"],

These two examples combined remove broken cyborgs from general use, and from the Lab Challenge. In this example, they’d still show up in Abandoned and Experiment.

Thank you very very much!

I’m going to tinker some more and test. Thanks again! I’ll report back with my results.

Hope it goes well.