How to get a fluid via debug menu in a container?

There is the container option via [f] but I cant´figure it out.

Select the fluid in the wish for an item menu. Press the f key. Now, at the top it should say (contained) after the item name. This will spawn it in an appropriate container.

IE: #403 water_clean becomes #403 water_clean (contained) and will spawn plastic bottles of clean water instead of loose water.

I don’t believe you can control what container it spawns in.

This works for clean water. But nor for sprayable fungicide. Which is what I need. :-/

My guess would be that sprayable fungicide doesn’t spawn anywhere and therefore doesn’t have a default container. I could be wrong, though.

I suggest you instead debug the skills, book, and materials necessary to craft sprayable fungicide and then debug everything back to normal afterwards. That’s how I’d do it.

I found out how the map generator works and changed the tiles indoors. Outdoors a shovel works. You can dig a pit and fill it up again, then the fungus is gone.

I had fungus in my starting location. It appeared while I was sitting in the dark corner reading.