How smash works?

I was messing with json files and wonder how smash things works, I just want to know what kind of creature could smash walls or what wall the character could smash with the current equiped weapon, a wall have min and max str and a zed have no str, hulk have smash special attack but othes creatures also could smash things. anyone have lights on this ?

I think, just a theory, that zombie attack power gets converted on a 1-1 basis into ‘strength’ for the purposes of b

Group bash probs allows them to combime simultaneous efforts into a sngle score, and likely even buffs indidual attacks a little

I thought it was a flag, I could be wrong, never messed with bashing myself.

It is. but the question is how that flag gets implemented, and how group_bash works.

Smash attack has nothing to do with wall/vehicle/furniture smashing.
What is referred to as “smashing” is sometimes calling “bashing” in the code. Here I’ll call it “smashing”.

Smashing stuff works like this:
Each terrain or furniture has minimum and maximum value of resistance.
When smashed, it rolls this resistance (between minimum and maximum, equal distribution)
If this resistance is lower than smashing ability, the feature is destroyed.

Smashing ability is:
Strength + weapon’s bashing for player and NPCs
Maximum possible bashing damage per hit for all smashing monsters
Additionally, when there are zombies behind the smashing zombie, it gets a bonus to smashing equal to that of the zombies behind it divided by their distance to feature being smashed.

For resistances, read terrain.json.
For monster smashing ability, read monsters.json (smashing ability is melee_dice * melee_dice_sides).
DESTROYS flag (hulk) multiplies that ability by 2.5, BORES (minerbot) by 15.