How often do you update your experimental?

I update once a month, when a major character dies.
Should I update more often?

Every time I run the game, keeping two backups: from back when I first created my current long-time character and one right before the huge changes to the game.

I usually look at the change log and update it whenever there is a change that I care about or effects my playing. Recently though I found as a contributor it’s faster to build the new version if my git is already up to date.

I only do a blind update when it has been 30ish releases, or more, since the last time. I very seldom update during the middle of a run. I’m also a big fan of reading the change logs. For instance, I’m currently looking at compiling my own 7958 becaus seomething between 7944 and current is making my game really unhappy when it comes to crafting.

Of course, I’ve never compiled my own, so there’s another guide I need to read and follow and I’m not sure if it is worth the trouble.

I update daily. There’s always something interesting being added, and I need to keep my own code up to date.

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Every day I set it up just before going to work as my world takes a bit to process.

I update if I’m playing (every few days) but not if I’m just using it to test something/trying to mod. I don’t need the latest if I’m just screwing with the files.

Do you think it would be better to get one significant update less often or stay with the current format of a bunch of tiny uptates every couple hours?

Current builds are experimentals, experimental builds of applications are generally meant to be released as soon as something noticeable has changed. I have to admit that it would be great to have more “stable” builds every few days or so, through.

Generally speaking I update every few days. I’ve been helping a friend test their mod though so I’ve been trying to keep with the latest experimentals.

5-30 times a day usually :wink:


Every time its possiable :wink: Gotta stay on your toes

Every time I run the game.

I use cooper, don’t even know how to update

As a new player whose characters die frequently and often very gory. Every time I launch the game.

I like reading about the changes and new stuff added.
Someday I will make it longer then a couple days. or hours.

You can look through the forum for it or just google “cataclysm dda launcher” and its the first link. Makes it a lot easier than downloading the game each time and transferring your save on your own each time.

I update each time I boot up the game too.

Thanks. I will keep worrying about my mods not being supported, though! keeping a copy in documents.

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I update every time there is an update. But I always have a copy of my saved game, the options file, any external mods/tilesets that I use, as well as my character template, stored on a USB flashdrive, because the launcher has a habit of wiping these things from the game directory… :wink: