Long term game

I want to have a long term game in which I can do everything or almost everything.

Given the current situation, should I use the latest experimental that doesn’t have game-breaking bugs, or stick to 0.C and then update?

Experimental, all the way.
Major bugs are extremely rare, and you’re missing out on a ton of cool stuff if you aren’t staying current.
In a lot of ways, the out-of-date stable version is more buggy than the up-to-date experimental with almost a year’s worth of extra troubleshooting and polish.
Just hang on to your previous folder each time you update (at least until the next version is up and running), and maybe make a backup every now and then between updates, and you’re golden.

It’s better to find a stable experimental than to go with the old “actual stable”.

[quote=“KliPeH, post:12309, topic:42”]To put this into perspective:
A new experimental build gets released at least once or twice per day. Each update changes at least one thing in the code, whether it’s spelling mistakes, removal of unnecessary code, bug fixes, and even new additions to the game (recipes, monsters, mechanics etc). The largest amount of changes I’ve seen in an experimental build was about 30 changes at once.

By playing the 0.C stable build, you’re missing out on about 9 months of constant bug fixing, balancing, monster additions, item additions, mechanic changes and more. It’s quite ridiculous how outdated the stable build really is, but I’d recommend for newer players to try it out first before jumping to the less-stable, sometimes even partially broken experimental builds.

You can follow the latest experimental build progress and view changes/additions here.[/quote]
This sums it up pretty well.

I sticking for some time with cataclysmdda-0.C-4099 with Bio-weapon and survivor mods. Till now I not seeing any fatal bug or not even a small bug till now. I gonna stay playing till 10 or more and a stable version. Btw where is the Githut link for read any changelog made to the versions?

playing experimentals can be fun, do anybody remember when labs were flooded with enemies because devs wanted to balance it more (and failed completly)? i got a lot of power by fighting with hordes of zombies with cbms

I believe this is what you want?

The hub to find everything cata-related: http://tools.cataclysmdda.com/

The changelogs themselves: http://ci.narc.ro/view/Cataclysm-DDA/job/Cataclysm-Matrix/changes

I love it when you get surprises like new elite zombies. (not sarcasm)
One recent one that I will not spoil for others was…unexpected, for instance. X3

latest builds are usually good. Report back with bugs and try out new stuff for balancing things.

Anyone like the fact you can hide in shadows if you didn’t cause to much a ruckus? I dig that one big time!(unless they removed this past v.4040 >_> )

Maybe this could help but not sure if this works, you can migrate an old character from an old world.

It's pretty simple to generate a new world with an old character really.
  1. Make sure you save on the surface. If you try to swap maps on a lower z-level you’ll probably end up in deep rock and die instantly.
  2. Go into your world save folder.
  3. Delete everything except:
  • Yourcharname.sav, which is your main character file.
  • If you have artifacts you want to bring with you, keep artifact.gsav
  • If you want to keep your character’s history, keep Yourcharctername.txt. Deleting it has no effect on gameplay.
  • mods.json, if you’re using any mods, keep this.
  • worldoptions.txt, If you want to change any settings for the future world, change it before erasing files.
  1. Load your character and a new world will be generated.
  • You can also transfer a character to an already existing world by transfering the Sav file (and artifact file if you want, though this will overwrite existing artifacts in that world unless you file edit.)

As KA101 says, there’s no way to determine where you’ll end up. You can start in the middle of nowhere, in the center of a zombie horde, or in the middle of a river. Just debug teleport if you need to.

You can only take what you’re carrying on your character i.e. skills, mutations/traits, inventory, worn items, attributes, known recipes, and bionics. Monsters in the immediate vicinity of your character will also be transferred with you.

It’s possible to transfer specific sectors, vehicles and all, but that’s highly error prone and it takes much less time to just debug everything you lost.
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The date is pretty old, and I not really sure if this still works.

Any old player can confirm this?

this still works, if you are good at manipulating with files you can even transport your base and vehicle to other world

That’s exactly how it works.

I was more interested of saving learned recipes, cause I don´t find a way to add with debug menu.

If I want add a mod in the future, that could break my character or crashing it? I mean if for the new items I could get in those mods.

Vehicles and bases it seems too much and are not really necessary, you could get any of those again if you have the knowledge (skills) an recipes, also the tools.

You will remember saved recipes, and you can add mods later.