How many people play this game?

Does anybody have download statistics or something like that?

a gajillamillion.

More than just this site. I want to say kevin does have DL stats.

Hundreds use the android version.
Several use 0.C
3k or so? is the number I want to quote. But thats a year or so old.

Do you have any reccolection about how that number was generated?

I don’t have download stats no, I could likely get them from Narc (who owns the official build server and fileserver for release and experimental game images), but I haven’t had a reason to.
We’ve published DL numbers in the distant past, well before the current build server setup was put together, that’s probably what @Fuscosco is thinking of.

What do you define as ‘play?’ I personally don’t have time to play CDDA at the moment and I haven’t launched it in several weeks or so, but technically i’m not even close to giving it up or whatever. There are lots of people who play CDDA from time to time, maybe even older versions, how do we even count those?

My personal interest is in finding out the number of people keeping more-or-less up to date with the experimental builds. Even just knowing an order of magnitude would be cool.

My guess is several thousand people.

Awesome, TY a ton. I’m kinda surprised there aren’t more players.

keep in mind that many players are intermediary players, and some don’t visit the site for days or update for weeks on end.

Yea, we get people mentioning they’ve been playing the 0.C release for over a year, so it’s almost impossible to count total players.

I play this game. So that’s like ten people right there.

I also played the last ‘base’ version for several weeks before I discovered the old forum. Then I discovered this forum. Then Vormithrax’ videos told me about the launcher and THEN I started playing experimental.

I ‘unno
a bunch o’ dudes

When the new stable is out, we can count our number. :sunglasses:

“when”, he says . . .

“count” he says. Like we will get any reliable number there either. As mentioned before, even of the people reading here, some played out of date versions for a long time before updating to more current versions. Plus people often download multiple times, android version, and inconsistent update rythms from player to player, mean that the most consistant number you would probably get would be IP tracking, and just no.

Game gets lots of international/ non-English speaking players. So… even more than you think whatever you are inclined to think.

But! its probably the single most frequently updated game in existence, so however many players it has, it has a strong enough cult following not to matter so much how wide its audience reaches.

But it also has a strong breadth of audience including the blind, and as afore mentioned international community.

So basically, more than enough, Lots. So quick summary…

(??? - win - Profit) of 10 players recommend

Yes, not reliable, but counting the downloads of the future stable version will be still better number than the “lots”…

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I wouldn’t be counted on the stats link that leland posted, I use git to grab the latest sources. I imagine most linux users would do the same.

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Good point. Here’s some graphs on how the past two weeks look