Last stable from 2015?

Hi all, I’m back after many years without DDA (unbelievable, isn’t ist?) and i tried to find a stable version of the game like the one I played once before.

I found many experimentals, but only a stable version from march 2015. Is it really true that there was no new stable for about 3 years? Or am I only too blind to find it?

I hope “The Bunker” is the right place to ask. I didn’t found an answer within the search function.

It is indeed true, though the experimentals tend to be perfectly stable. Most (if not all) of the playerbase uses them, and they are updated very frequently with fixes and new content.

I recommend getting the CDDA game launcher, which handles updating, (some) mod installations and save backups.
It can be found here:

Kevin is finalizing the changelog for 0.D as we speak.

Then it seems I returned to the right place at the right time. :grinning:

I think I should jump into the game as I did before. No readings, simply playing. Let’s see, what changes were made during the last about 5 years.

Progress is slow, but it’s still ongoing.

Babies take a lot of time, who knew?
Slowly grinding onward…

Honestly, when the stable version of D comes out it’s only likely to get played until the first experimental gets released. The fanbase is used to playing the experimentals.