How many hours a week do you play Cataclysm: DDA

How many hours do you pour into this great game! There are a few im very curious to find out *cough cough Ninja

Almost nothing, to be honest. If I can, at weekends, and then make some tiles.

Didn’t know you had a tileset, I’ll have to check it out. I always use Mshock’s. I recall someone possiably working on an isometric tileset, dunno what it became though.

Just checked it out. Honestly, it looks… Fucking Great! Well done pig, welldone!


Thanks a lot, pal! Really!

I play (hunt for bugs and newly broken code) DDA for about an hour or two every other week, but that’s because the majority of my leisure time is spent working on DDA.

Well I’m sure developing Cataclysm is a lot harder than playing it.
Although my first game of Cata back when it was whales I would argue that, but now I’m seasoned. By the way thanks to you and everyone for developing this game. It helped me escape sometimes when I spent a year overseas.
I just wish I could recreate FOB Tillman in cata and replace those terrorist with zombies. They are about as brain dead as them anyways lol.

I play a little less than an hour a day. About 20-30 mins. before work and about the same after work. Don’t really watch TV and CCDA is a great way to unwind for a little bit. Also my characters tend to live A LOT longer if I just put a little bit of time in here and there.

i play mostly when i do not play doom or arma 2

It’s uncertain. Sometimes I don’t play Cataclysm DDA at all for months, sometimes I can spend few days in a week playing it.

It varies some days I will play a few hours at a time others I won’t play at all.

I typically play around for a few hours a day, die horribly, then take a few days break and try out the latest experimental.

when i feel like it up to 30 hours straight at weekends.

weekdayss everything between not at all and 6 hours a day.

Yeah, once I started coding for cataclysm, my play time went down a lot. Although, I do less of the bad code fixing and more of the writing. I’m working on it though!

I think it’s mostly because I find it more rewarding to code new goals to work to. Sure, making yourself a nice new weapon or folding vehicle is fun, but it’s so much cooler to code a new weapon or folding part to make. I’m really looking forward to coding up heavy (usable!) construction vehicles. It’s gonna be a huge project, but it will add so much to that end game terraforming. “Suck it blob, I just bulldozed your creepy pit!”

You would make one Valpo very happy with these ^^

Well, the new weapons and folding vehicle fixes are mainlined already. :slight_smile: They’re fairly minor improvements, but they should make using folding vehicles and hand made guns somewhat more reasonable.

I have no clue what the eta on construction vehicles will be, other than “probably not soon”. There’s a lot more coding involved than any of the smal additions I’ve done so far.

It’s about the only game I play. I have at least a dozen 5 star games in the library, I just don’t play them.
I probably average 4 hours a day and maybe 12 a day on weekends. Honest.

Well, I play cataclysm about four classes per day, so that’s about four hours, plus four more at home, times 6 because I don’t get to play much on the weekends, TOO DAMN MUCH.

its 3 hours 45x4:60=3

alslo you carry laptop with you?

8 hours a day wasn’t uncommon for me to put in devving. I’ve tried to dial that back some. Actually playing, meh, not in a While.

I use my laptop at school, yes. Our school has a program where you can bring in a laptop or tablet to use in classes. It also lets you borrow a laptop if you don’t own one.