A big thank you for the Devs!

Some brief background of my experiences with Cata, I feel is in order. I first found out about it from a Let player called Jef Major/one F Jef on youtube back in early 2011 (back when you started with a dog in a house and before it was DDA), I enjoyed watching Jef play the game and wanted to check It out, however I found that it was too hard and did not play a lot of it due to the dynamic spawn and so just watched Jef play the game, when he stopped playing it, I stopped having anything to do with cata, then about June/July 2013 jef started to record some more Cata (this time called DDA) I think that it was V 0.5, I liked the look of this new version of Cata and so played it however I still found it hard and so did not really play it for too long.
Then having a skype’s with my mates (this was around the start of December) however I felt like i need something to play while talking to them, however I was limited in what I could play due to hardware (and also had to be something that I could “take my time with” and be able to stop at anypoint), I decided to load up Cata and did a lot better with the game, however I felt that I still had a lot to learn, so I goggled “Cataclysm dda” found the kickstarter read it, watch the videos and found this site and the wiki, read everything on there other then spoilers and mobs, learnt alot, also downloaded version 0.9 I think it was around that time, started to play it and became OK at it.

Then I started to have a rough time at college (I’m from the UK, over here its between high school and uni) and started to take time off of the course weeks at a time, I did about 2 lots of 3 weeks from December to well march, over this time I did two things, listened to a LOT of music, mostly 60s protest songs and a lot of Johnny Cash, while listening to this music I was also playing Cata more of less every day and lucking on the fourm and the wiki, I be came very very good at the game, not GREAT but now I only die, If I get careless or get fucked over or I get bored of the character.

So what I’m saying is THANK YOU to all of the Devs and the people who work on the code, the people who come up with ideas for the game and well everyone for helping me get thought those “Dark days” Ahahahaa!!!

My professional degree (equivalent to a Master’s) regrets that you’re not doing well in college. ):

But I’m glad our work helps you. Thanks for letting us know.

Are you saying you stopped going to college to play Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead?

I did

Thank you Devs, Love you <3

I did

Thank you Devs, Love you <3[/quote]

This man is dedicated to Dank Days Ahead. Perhaps start a cult in your spare time?

HAhah no I stopped going to college as I could not cope and did not want to go in! but I ended up passing this year anyway.

oh I would love to however the problem is that I don’t have the time now that I’m working as you can likely tell with the amount of time that has pass with my reply!