How long is "safe shopping experience" supposed to last?

i’ve had it for 6 weeks now, according to my character sheet, and it stops a cata++ cloak from making me invisible

(is the safe shopping experience vanilla even?)

Never heard of it, so it’s probably a mod thing.

It’s (likely) from visiting a Magiclysm location “Forge of Wonders” and is meant to keep you from doing sneaky things to steal stuff… So yeah blocks any invisibility, I suspect it also blocks teleportation stuff. Magiclysm is a mod which comes with the game.

As I understand it, that’s present for entirely too long and should have worn off in a period more like hours though I don’t have experience/code knowledge on the matter.

Might be a good idea to mention your game version, running mods, maybe OS…

yes, i get the safe shopping experience after visiting forge of wonders… it lasted a good long while the first visit, though it did actually go away. the second visit however, its still going on. i am using a bunch of not-included mods as well though.

game version: 157f88a

world mods:

the “saiko things” mod i made myself, it only adds a profession and removes some of the mutation restrictions on some cbms… though i dont have those normally-conflicting mutations yet

and the modifier:

safe shopping

Any way i can get rid of it? i would prefer not to use debug mode, because achievements and that is “too much” cheat for me… im okay with cheating in many ways, but debug mode (and removing achievements) is too far for me, but if that is necessary to remove the safe shopping experience, i can do that

You can turn achievements back on after you do whatever you need to in debug. I’m not sure how you’d do it with debug though… I suspect debug - player - edit player/npc - you - add effects - show only active… then find the active effect and change it’s durration?

If debug wasn’t an option then save editing it would be. You’d need to open your .sav file in a text editor and search for the particular effect and remove it from the array of effects.

Either way make sure you’ve got a backup.