Just created a mod for magiclysm

My mod for magiclysm
It consists of three parts

First adds realistic sub-effects to spells: spell will damage furniture and terrain if it supposed to in description, also two kelvinist spells that, according to description, conjure ice, now able to extinguish flames. And acidic spray spell leaves actual pools of acid

Second makes your buffs permanent once you get max level in corresponding spell. Buffs basically recast automatically, constantly draining your mana.

Third do the same with most summoned items. Except it will not drain mana, items are just permanent. And you can dispel item just by dropping it.

Mod designed and tested with 0.G stable version, but should work fine on latest experimentals. Though new spells will not be affected


I’m loading it now:

  1. modinfo.json: mod id’s are case sensitive. I had to change Magiclysm to lower case to get the mod to load via world creator. Easy fix.
  2. Aoe spells are even more fun, but the option to target terrain would be nice for the single target spells that could be used to shatter doors and such. I have a tentative list I plan on testing.

Fun mod, gotta sleep now

Well, thanks for feedback. Fixed magiclysm id. Just because i added mod trought editing mods.json i didnt noticed that

And about targetting ground, that will not work to shatter doors and walls. Because if there are wall, spell will not hit it no matter its power, it will just stop on the tile in front of wall. That is how spells work now, its hardcoded. Walls interaction can be changed with “IGNORE_WALLS” flag, but it break balance i think, making spell pass through the wall even if wall was not destroyed. So just bear with it for now.

It pisses me off to be honest

There is still few spells that ignore walls, gravity well for example. So you can use it.

This mod firstly was originally created to give player ability to smash walls and doors with spells, because its stupid that i need to carry heavy hammer everywhere specially to do this when my spells do damage similar to .50 BMG ammo. I was planning to contact developers and ask them to change the way spells interact with walls, but creation of another mod carried me away.

Bit of a hacky workaround, but adding an additional 1 range line bash that only strikes the ground may work? Then when the spell goes off in front of the door you still get the bash? An aoe or spray may be better so you don’t have to work at aiming the tertiary

I will make it better, i will just do changes to source code and make pull request
And maybe merge mod to the magiclysm as suggested
Now i have problems with cloning git repo, downloading speed is very slow and download even may be interrupted for some mystical reasons

It is easy to make blast spells hit walls, just remove one line and change another, but for cone and line im not that sure and need to test it

Stupid github, always so laggy


There is a spell that breaks walls and doors, but not the way you want your spells do.
It is called Summon Mojocycle.
And no, not by smashing bike at wall at high speed. Just by casting it at wall.
It seems when bike appears inside wall, game calculates it as a collision and deducts health of bike from wall health. As result of such summoning, player has wreck of a bike standing in a hole of a wall. It is clearly unintentional and exploity, but stil quet costly (1000 mana).
Maybe you can make similar spell as workaround, like summoning something for 1 turn with not so much health to damage walls and doors.
P.S.: Last time i played game in F stable version. This can be fixed or even completely removed.

I’m not sure about the part where buffs become permanent. Think of something like Coagulant Weave, for example, where there’s a downside: the spell increases hunger and thirst gain. Same with something like adding NO_DROP to ice gliders, and now the spell is basically unusable because any time you’re walking on terrain that isn’t FLAT you have a huge speed debuff and can’t take off your magic roller skates.

I don’t really see a balance issue in having an extra magically summoned item kept at home or even given away to an ally, compared to the difficulties added by making them both permanent and unable to be gotten rid of. And the direct buff spells, I can see the use in automatically refreshing, but that should also come with an option to stop automatically refreshing for a while.

NO_DROP flag means item disappear when not in inventory, so you can take off your rollers anytime you want.
And you can take off buffs anytime as well

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I dunno why but when I used the mod, and maxed out windrunning, The message said i can now cast Permanent Windrunning but I don’t see it in the list of spells i can cast. The normal windrunning also just works regularly. No autocast.