Magiclysm Error

Hello, i’ve been trying to get Magiclysm to run but i keep running into this error.

14:12:21.001 ERROR : src/main_menu.cpp:861 [bool main_menu::new_character_tab()] Error: Invalid enum string ‘ITEM_DAMAGE_PURE’ for ‘N12enchant_vals3modE’

Anyone know what it could be as well as how to potentially fix it?

There’s nothing with the id N12enchant_vals3modE in magiclysm so that doesn’t look like a magiclysm error

Do you know what it could be then?

No idea, maybe something from another mod

Well any info on what mod it could potentially be would be great.

Instead of playing a guessing game about which of over the 1000 different mods and versions out there could causing this issue, how about this:
You tell us what game version you’re playing on and what mods you have active in that world (Game menuWorld → [YOUR_WORLD] → Show world mods) and we can try narrow it down.

I am currently playing build number #11376

My mods are (And forgive me for the massive list)

“Arts’ Guns”,
“Cloth Rollmat”,
“fern mod”,
“More tea leaf”,
“NBC Items Pack 09.2”,
“Pix’s Shit”,
“Soy mod”,
“Red’s Odd Additions”,
“MkMaxxi’s Gunslinger Mod”,

Are you on Linux? If so you can go to the mods directory and run:

grep -i -d recurse N12enchant_vals3modE *

That will find the offending entry in whatever mod adds it and tell you where it’s at.

I am sadly on windows, is there another way i can do the same thing?

Get notepad++ >open it>do ctrl+f > got search in file tab > type " N12enchant_vals3modE" > search in your mod folder > enter

Also it’s pretty funny that you’re running a shit ton of mods and still though that the bug came from Magiclysm ^^

Well, that certainly is going to be hard to find out which one’s causing that error, espeically since I’ve not heard of some of them and they have too generic names to find them on the internet, and also a lot of them have magic/enchanting in them…

As for how to search for a string using Windows without downloading notepad++, you can use the Windows console and findstr.

Press the Windows key and type in cmd.exe and click on the program it lists.
After that, enter this into the console: findstr /S /I /M /P /C:"N12enchant_vals3modE" "[PATH TO YOUR CATACLYSM MODS FOLDER]\*.*"
and hit enter to start the search.

If you have your cataclysm folder on your main drive, as an example, the full command might look something like this: findstr /S /I /M /P /C:"N12enchant_vals3modE" "C:\cataclsym\cataclysmdda-0.E-Windows_x64-Tiles-b11376\data\mods\*.*"

In case you’re wondering what this command does: This command will search for the text “N12enchant_vals3modE” in all the files in the folder (and subfolder) of the path you set it to and the modifiers (/[LETTER]) do the following:
/S includes Subfolder in the search.
/I ignores upper-/lower case (not really necessary here, but I’ve thrown it in just for good messures).
/M only puts out the file name and path, not the content.
/P excludes files that contain binary code.
/C: defines the search term as a whole, not a set of things to look for (again, not really necessary here since it’s a single “word”, but just in case).

After hitting enter, it’s going to search through all the folders and files (this will take a while).
It will display the full file path and name once it finds the text in a file.

The search is done when it displays the flashing _ again.

If it found the file name, great, that’s the mod you’ll have to look into.
If not, you might need to check the search string again. Make sure that there’s a single \ at the end of the path, followed by *.* and a closing ".
Also make sure that you’re targeting the right “mods” folder, in case you have multiple. When in doubt, search the cataclysm root folder instead (this will take much longer but should cover all of it).

If you still did not get any results (or an error message), and you don’t want to try the notepad++ or did not find anything with it either, you might have to take the long route:
Disable one half of the mods and try to create a new world/character. If the error’s gone, it must be in the other half. If it persists, you’re on the right way. Repeat the process until you can narrow it down to at most 10 mods (ideally down to just 1), so that we can at least have a good guess what’s causing it.

You could also remove the mods that you think might cause the error first to narrow it down faster… Magiclysm for a start; to either rule it out or see if it’s actually the one causing it.
It could potentially also be a mod conflict, so always make sure that the error’s back if you start it with just the one mod alone.

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You should search for ITEM_DAMAGE_PURE actually, not for N12enchant_vals3modE.

There is the string “ITEM_DAMAGE_PURE” in Magiclysm as well as in other mods, but it does not seem to cause that error to pop up in my version…

Yep, because you are using compatible game and mod version, while OP is not - one of the mods they have is using ITEM_DAMAGE_PURE which is not supported by the binary they have. Support only appeared in build 11404 and they use build 11376.

I would like to thank you all for your assistance, through the use of notepad ++ i have found the offender (Magiclysm!) Having fixed the issue it is once again playable, i would update my version but i do not wish to mess up the balance that is my heavily modded cataclysm.

As the races, mechanics and such that i have added (Chi, giants, vampires, saiyans thats right you heard me.) Are all made for this version.

The question is, how did you get the Magiclysm mod that mismatches your current CataclysmDDA version? The one included in that game version should not have that problem, if I see/tested that right.

I grabbed the updated version of Magiclysm.

Not sure why you’d do that, given that you stated that you’ve balanced all other mods for a specific game version, but yeah, that explains it…