How Fantasy can you get?

Hi ALl,

I’m just getting back into CDDA, again, and have become curious as to how “fantasy,” you can take the game. I know that there are a few mods for fantasy-ish classes, like the sorcerer with a bunch of appropriate bionics, but I was wondering if any mods had taken things a bit further.

I’ve been playing Skyrim with the help of a sighted friend, and would love some kind of text-based accessible alternative. Of course, this is at heart a survival game set in the real world, but I’m wondering if anyone has done anything to play with that assumption?

Looking forward to many more grizzly deaths.

I’ve had a character that was straight up a displaced crusader. If you want to make it very fantasy you basically need to add a bunch of self imposed limitations.

On that note the most fun I had with something in that vein was a Viking character who just went around the world in a longboat, making landfall along the river and running out to raid. When I ran out of river i just settled down and built a longhouse with all the NPCs I gathered and retired. It was probably one of my best games.