CDDA Fantasy Mod[WIP]

First off, hello. My name is Dima. This is my first post here on these forums and my first mod for Cataclysm. I plan to eventually make this large enough to be more of an overhaul rather than a mod, but as it stands I feel that with my limited knowledge of coding It would be more beneficial to my learning and to the users of this mod if I simply make it flow with cataclysm. It should be as non-intrusive as the dinosaurs mod in it’s current state.

What this mod is supposed to do:
Mesh the Cataclysm with a world of fantasy. Some specifics include elf factions, dungeons full of undead, magic chariots, new fantasy-themed skills and professions, possibly dragons, wizards, warlocks, goblins, orcs, faeries, etc., new mutation chains to accompany a few or all of the new species, mystical weapons and enchantments (mods, really) and if possible, completely redesigned forests with fantasy-themed cities and encounters.

What this mod currently does:
Adds wild elves and goblins to the forest biomes, orcs to swamp biomes, and support for demons. I’ve yet to figure out how to get them to spawn where i need the to spawn.

Currently the goal is to get at least 5 new fantasy species into the game. Next would be to divide those species into different monsters, and finally to clothe and arm them. Once this is complete I might have an idea for how feasible this whole idea actually is.

And finally, I’d just like to hear a few opinions on the mod itself. Would you play it? Why and why not? Any comments or questions are also appreciated, because I love getting feedback. I should get back to you pretty quickly, but if it’s something urgent or you just want to chat, shoot me an e-mail at

If it would be helpful to this end, I do have some DF-style races made up via scenarios and professions. Fine bloody time for me to be on the laptop instead of at home. ;A;

that might be helpful sure. right now though i’m still working on the 2nd race. got elves, goblins are next. having some issues learning exactly what item type certain on-death drops should be, but so far it looks good. i’ve got orcs and dwarfs planned too, and then an undead species which would just include undead variants of members of all the other species. maybe it would simply be better to name them zombies to fit more in line with the current CDDA theme.

Ah, I see. Had mocked up dwarves, elves, goblins, kobolds, and trolls. Mostly with traits and items to fit the theme. I vaguely recall having to add new traits for kobolds and goblins though, mostly cosmetic stuff for the eyes, and a stat-altering foil to the large trait since kobolds in DF are tiny.

As for magical stuff, at least I content for that posted where it can be mucked about with ( ).

i had a look at that before i made my thread, as it sounded a little similar. would be really cool if we can get these mods to play nice together if mine ever gets out of the development stage.

Could be useful, yes. Though with the extensive amount of monster edits to make them drop essence, I was worried it might interact poorly with any other monster-editing mods.

The items hopefully shouldn’t interact oddly. One good result of my derping and using, for example, healing_potion as the ID for healing potion, when potion_healing would follow the norm for item IDs. XP

Do hate to double post, but finally got home (late dragon is late). Dropboxing the DF-style classes thing I mentioned, just in case it proves useful:

very nice, i looked through it and even though im not currently at the stage where the mod actually becomes playable and i people can make use of those things, it might become useful in the near future once ive created all of the custom terrain and structures that i need. thanks!

Ah, have fun with that. Terrain additions are always guaranteed to add a dose of annoyance to any modding. <3

pleased to announce the very first working alpha of the mod. do not get your hopes up. at all. the only thing that this does is adds two new monsters, the elves and the goblins, to the forest biomes. nothing else. it’s simply a proof of concept and a landmark for myself, but i feel like i should update the thread anyway. it’s in the downloads spoiler :slight_smile:

version a1.1 is out! added:
-items for said orcs
-an elf house which correctly spawns in-game. expect a lot more of these soon!

that’s it, really. still learning the ropes :slight_smile: updatating the OP with a new download link.

Ah, neat. Meanwhile I’ve got part 1 of the arcana mod PR’d. owo

nice! can’t wait :slight_smile:

I checked this out, if you replace the “use_action” data on the boots in items.json with:

       "use_action" : {
            "type": "holster",
             "holster_prompt": "Sheath knife",
             "holster_msg": "You sheath your %s",
             "multi": 2,
             "max_volume": 1,
             "draw_cost": 80,
             "flags": ["SHEATH_KNIFE"]

it works just fine with experimental 4060

Epic necropost.

Why do I still have thast dropvbox’d anyway? It seems like this project is dead by now. ;w;

I’m using the fantasy mod right now and have been for quite awhile, I didn;t notice your contribution there til today though. Goblins are good eating, and they are fast sneaky bastards who attack in groups too. I’ve died idk how many times to swarms of green "G"s. Orcs are like mini-hulks and elves are useless twats derping around in the woods. They are all delicious. :slight_smile:

Ah, interesting.

That reminds me, the documentation for the game has an “example mod” that spawns elves over time. I wish I knew how to un-defunct it…

[quote=“Random_dragon, post:17, topic:10466”]Ah, interesting.

That reminds me, the documentation for the game has an “example mod” that spawns elves over time. I wish I knew how to un-defunct it…[/quote]

Ah, that one was easy :wink: The data.json has an entry for the ‘elf’ monster in it, which is missing the default_faction data entry. Adding [ “default_faction”:“zombie”, ] below “species”:“ZOMBIE”, will let it load without error. I waited a day and the lua code seems to have executed properly as well. Haven’t found an elf yet though.

Ah, how odd. PR the fix then? o3o

hmm, guess i can do that. I’ll see if I can’t find one of these elves first though