Warhammer Fantasy Conversion?

This is just a thought since I am a mega Fan of Warhammer but I am surprised there is no Vermintide or Warhammer Conversion. I mean when you think about it Warhammer is on the verge of a Cataclysm every day. I’m just speaking not really looking for answers.

It’s an open source game. Write a mod.

Stage 1: blacklist all the stuff you don’t think should be in Vermintide.
Stage 2: add all the unique Vermintide content.

Good luck.

There are already some mods adding WH40k Stuff to the game as well, so depending on what Wahrhammer you prefer you already have some of the stuff ‘done’ .

Warhammer Fantasy setting would be really nice, because it can offer a bunch of dangerous enemies. Orcs with armor, melee weapons and skill. It would be even neater if you could travel to this universe by some kind of portal and bring modern equpement. Then shoot dragons and chaos giants with plasma rifles, or just standard 10round burst of scar-H to the face.
Imagine driving a deathmobile though kislev, or expeditions to chaos wastes in ANBC suit…

Now it’s getting out of hand, Pendrak. You’re talking about a whole new world now, that would be an enormous mod - not sure it would even be feasible to do. ADding stuff to the current game and its world, yes, thats doable, but a whole new, separated world, with completely different spawns, items and so on? That’s gonna be extremely hard to do.