How easy or hard is it to make martial arts and books? Plus other questions

One thing for my Fallout project im making is a bunch of combat styles, currently im thinking about Courier and Chosen One styles, given both of them have a vast variety of unarmed moves (The courier having 4 learnable from outside sources alongside Crosses and Uppercuts, while the Chosen One has all of 12 special attacks, as well as vast experience as a prizefighter, kung fu fighter, and survivor of the wasteland.), as well as possibly the four styles from the New Vegas mod; Way of the Wasteland Warrior

So, my questions:
Is making a style that hard, and is making the book that teaches it also hard?
Can NPCs start with the styles I make?
Can styles have special effects, like causing bleed, pulping bodies with a kill, recovering stamina, using stamina, etc?
Can styles enhance throwing, or at least apply when youre wielding throwing weapons?
Can styles have an effect outside of combat?
Are there any melee weapons that CANT have a style attached?
Are there any outstanding bugs related to martial arts i should know about?
Finally, could I make starting features that allow survivors to know these combat styles?

So many questions, I know.

Not that hard just base it off an existing style json unless you want to add new moves.
If you have NPC traits enabled they should be able to start with any traits, course the martial arts trait at start doesn’t really let NPCs pick a style at start so, but I have seen them start with defense training trait, or martial arts training, not that it does much.
Monsters have tags that can cause bleed, etc effects, player skills should be able to be coded similar, haven’t tried.
No clue on throwing.
Not sure what you mean by outside combat, how would combat skills effect non combat situations? But maybe?
Far as I know you can add tags to any weapons/styes to use said weapons with said style.
No clue on the bugs.
Add it to the choices of starting skills/abilities/whatever you call it with the martial arts/self defense,/etc etc traits you want it associated with, or add anew trait to character gen.

Some have effects that do work outside active combat I remember one of them prevents stuns from being thrown knocked down or likewise felled. There are also ones like toad that causes you to gain armour when holding still. So it’s possible to give a bonus from martial arts.

Not sure how one would get thrown/knocked down/stunned out of, combat, but hey if you want to be stun resistant when there is nothing that has the chance of stunning you, go for it.
The toad armor while not moving in combat does apply. So maybe they look at that code for existing martial arts like I already said, to make whatever out of combat skills they had planned, course that toad thing only applies while not moving so as soon as you do it goes away, and you kind of have to move to do things. Unless it gave a crafting bonus which would be all kinds of wrong. Don’t see the point of combat skills buffing non combat skills cause you have to be in combat while in non combat to use them, but hey whatever.
But I do not know what the OP was referring to for non combat skills so…