Are there ways to deconstruct walls?

And I mean deconstructing, as in removing the wall from exactly the tile I want to remove it from, not using explosives or sonic resonator or burning them if they are burnable. Noone was able to answer this in TTNQ but maybe someone who knows will see it here.

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Just use Debug menu to replace tetrain.

Get a good runup with a vehicle with a long narrow ‘lance’ sticking out in front of it.

Not currently. Walls have to be demolished; they can’t be deconstructed.

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okay, is there a way to ‘demolish’ a single specific tile of wall? especially, inner wall? which you can’t just ram a vehicle into?
I know I can debug it away, I’m just curious if there is an in-game mechanism to do it.

You can smash it with a sledgehammer.


I cannot. STR 15, “you don’t seem to be damaging a log wall”. Tried multiple times(full stamina bars). Even jackhammer only goes through chipped log wall to broken log wall, which isn’t drillable but still works as a wall.

A heavy sledge hammer should let you demolish log walls regardless of your strength. A normal sledge hammer is only good for demolishing chipped and broken log walls unless you have 20+ strength.


okay I solved the riddle
.50 BMG is the universal problem solver, it seems
about 6-7 shots, and the wall is down
doesn’t leave logs or even planks, only chipped wood but eh
at least it brings the wall down