How do you refit clothing?

I’ve noticed several times that the description of articles of clothing with ‘poor fit’ say they can be refitted, but I have no clue how to do that.
This is especially annoying when I’m making something myself and it ends up being a poor fit, since I don’t know how to fix it.
Also, slightly different question, why isn’t all the clothing you make (that is refit-able) already fitted to you?

You need a tailoring kit, then it becomes one of the options.

Okay, good to know, now I just need a tailoring kit…

I was cofused by this for a while, but just normally repairing the clothing as if to reinforce it will fit the clothing to you.

Refitting and reinforcing should be separate options in my opinion. So is it that with a tailoring kit you can choose but without you can’t?

Negative. A sewing kit would be enough to allow the reinforcing/refitting action that is currently a single option. They should definitely be separate.

A tailor’s kit fits more thread in (allowing you to try the desired operation on clothing for longer) and allows you to do proper reinforcing: currently you can pad the item with kelvar or leather, for increased protection but also increased encumberance.

To find a tailor’s kit, look through clothing stores. Houses sometimes have one.

You can refit clothes with any sewing tool. Even a wooden needle will do it.

The interface is confusing regarding ‘refitting’ as it does not show up as an easily identifiable option. Repair the clothing to full strength first (if needed). If you then activate the needle/sewing-kit/whatever and choose that piece of clothing, it will automatically be in ‘refitting’ mode (as shown in the top left of the popup window). Pick 4 to ‘repeat until success…’ and the clothing will be refit.


Okay, good to know all that. I hope that it will be turned into separate options eventually, that’d be both more logical and convenient.

Pretty sure it used to be a separate option but it was combined for some reason unknown to me.

AFAIK you don’t need to repair then refit, if you repair damaged clothing it will automatically refit as well.

the ‘refit’ occurs in-between fully repaired and reinforced. If you have damaged clothing, use a tool, and then pick to ‘continue until reinforced’ then you will never notice the refit occurring and assume it is automatic. If you choose to stop at fully repaired or ‘until success’ then that won’t happen and you will need the additional step to refit/reinforce.

Re: why are clothes you craft not fitted? If any of the recipe ingredients are unfitted pieces of clothing then the finished item will also turn out unfitted. clothing recipes that just use base materials (rags, leather, thread, etc) will always turn out fitted.

Ah, that makes sense, good to know.