Improving fit of clothes

I have a tailor’s kit with charges and spare leather patches/rags but items do not improve their fit, even if I repair them until reinforced. Am I missing something? Playing the latest experimental.

At some point, items are assumer to fit unless they say “poor fit.” That took me a bit to notice. Maybe you’re having the same problem?

This threw me too. I was accustom to the old way and it took a little while to notice the change. Irony. They did this with camp/hiking clothing 2018-2019. Kinda pissed me off had I needed anything new. 3 size; small, medium and large. Yup. Real life companies must have gotten constipated. They just don’t give a $h!t any longer >_>

On the bright side. I enjoy the game just fine with this change. It’s real life companies that annoy me.

No, the things is, I’m trying to refit the (poor fit) items. They get fully repaired, even reinforced. But never change the fit. Is there something I need to do other than repair? I tried modifying as well, but it only adds layering of something. Totally puzzled with this.

Sounds like you’re doing it right. Between fully repaired and reinforced, it should require you to refit it. AFAIK, you can’t reinforce poor fit clothing.

Can the item be fit? It should be noted in the description.

Or check the item browser and look for the VARSIZE flag.

Can it be a poor fit if it can’t be refitted?

Nope. Word limits are silly.

okay, nevermind. It appears it refits the item before reinforcing, so you have to try to reinforce that. And if your skill is not enough to reinforce - you will fail at refitting as well. That’s not really obvious, as IIRC the last time I played few months ago “repair until repaired but don’t reinforce” also included setting the proper fit. Now it doesn’t.

For a few less headaches. Know too, that not all garments are able to be fit to the toon. Many items are encumbering and you are stuck with it. Strange in my opinion for many of these. I would imagine this is for balance.

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Yeah, I know that. Was just confused with “fully repaired” but not fit items that can be refitted as stated in description. Oh well…