How do you add a tileset to mod items?

I assume it would be possible to do this somehow. What I want is two things:

  1. That some stuff will be able to be linked to existing textures from existing tilesets (I can have the tickle monster look like a zombie from retrodays for example).

  2. That I can make my own textures for stuff

–Neither of which I know how I’d do. Presumably, I could use something like photoshop to assist with creating the textures, but other than that I have no clue.

Check for the ID/s of the item/s and/or monster/s inside the mod’s directory, looking inside the.json files, and then you add the ID/s inside the tile_config.json for the tileset.

Also for actually creating the tiles, I myself use and a layered image, with a checkered guide on the background so I know the limits for each tile slot. After I am done making changes I remove the guide on the background and save only the images for the tiles, that’s what I meant to say.

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