Tileset creation and maintenance, help

Ok!, so what is tile_config.json? how does it work? how does the game know which image is which on the tiles.png? where would I put my images in tiles.png? essentially what does one need to know in order to create and maintain a tileset?

Let’s start from what you want to do first.
Do you want to create tilest from scratch, or add something in already existing tileset?

well since you are changing your tile set’s style I thought of trying to maintain the one that has the chibi look, so I guess I need to know how to add something to an already existing tileset.

also, the way you started with “Oof!” fills me with dread of what it is to come.

Oof indeed.
So, i discontinued work for normal sprites in 14_tiles2…png just scroll down and see where tiles stop. Add your new tiles there.
In tilesetconfig find id “atlatl” i keep adding tiles before it for easy access.
To edit tileset you will need graphical editing tool (i recomend Aseprite) and notepad++.

All tiles without the graphics can be found in config/debug.log
Bind “Reload Tileset” key, press it, then open the file. It will show you all objects, creatures and other id’s without graphics at the bottom of the file.

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All right I will worry about the simpler stuff for now, and ask advice when its time to tackle other things (like multi-tile furniture, multiple monsters, or creating a new png file)