How do we feel about healing rates?

Ive been taking poor healer on my playthroughs to add a little bit more difficulty, and I swear it didn’t change a thing. I still go from having my legs melted off by ants one day, to fully healed the next. The most abundant resource you have in this game is time, and it still feels off…

Like this

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Hoo-boy. Although that change looks great to me, I am not excited to see how many people flock to the forum/reddit to scream about it.


Yes, like that.
I need to take a day and browse the Git a little more intently.
Second time I’ve looked like a twat for not reading :stuck_out_tongue:

I sort of am excited in a bad way … Like watching car crash videos.


Since most of the time i always go for a ranged character (with a bow or at least throwing things) it doesnt matter that much, at least after the early stages

Heal rates really did need a nerf, even with frail and poor healer you’d bounce back from pretty much anything in a couple of days and I imagine it’s much the same with other combinations of negative healing traits.
Attrition should be a thing, It’s a reasonable way of increasing difficulty without adding in cheap enemies. Getting nickel and dimed over several days should take a toll and be a danger, even with the blobs passive healing buff.

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I think what they have outlined is perfect, still near superhuman IRL, but canonical as well as fair.

Yeah it needs a nerf, even with imperceptible healer I can heal up from half a missing health bar in a single day with makeshift bandages, which are literally just “clean” rags. Boiled bandages are even faster.

I think people who want to heal faster should just take the fast healer trait and consider it in their mutations. Medical mutants with regeneration are still going to be insanely fast compared to any realistic measure of wound regeneration.

I don’t know why the comments there seemed to have honed in on the number of hours someone sleeps.

Anyone disgruntled over this could still pick fast healer like I’ve been picking slow healer for years as a default in chargen. I also liked the suggestion to have it as a sliding-scale world option, seems quite good for a base and then traits/mutations can tweak it to fit.

I’d honestly say something about the healing rates, but my current character is a regenerator and heals wounds literally in minutes or even seconds. Amazing.

I think healing rate is way too high.
The player should (as realistically should his/her character) be afraid of combat, terrified by monsters and think ten times before risk his head to be eaten. Because in this game you should be able to die to literally anything, including the weakest monsters, if caught with “pants down”.
But with this healing rate (or even this whole crude number-based health system pooped by some deer in 80s and stupidly copypasted in all games for ~35 years) it’s kinda “meh” feeling any the time you get your leg broken, which should not be the case. Not even close.

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Well regeneration SHOULD do that IMO. It’s not at all easy to get, and who doesn’t want to play Wolverine once in a while?

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The lineage of “Hit points” can be traced back to naval war games, actually. Closer to the 60s than the 80s.

its to balance out the fact that there’s an HP system. if limbs like torsos and heads healed slower you’d be killed quite quickly
they plan on changing the health system from HP based sometime though

and not being limited by time is a good thing, especially considering any activity takes actual minutes to complete instead of instantly. if you didn’t have a full 24 hours you’d starve quickly. and one thing about the apocalypse is that there’s no shortage of free time consisering you no longer have any jobs to do or entertainment. however i’d say that the most abundant resource would be grass

So is the waking healing system still around after this change? People still heal while awake in real life as most peopleare awakemore than asleep. Not just 1hp for every 24 hours either. That would be illogical.

I like the new change that reduced healing rates. I still don’t think it was enough. However I’m on a character with quick healing (Took it thinking it would be useful. It just makes it trivial.) so my opinion might be skewed. But I shouldn’t be healing 50-60 hit points while I’m awake. If it got cut in half I still don’t think it would be enough. What I think needs to be done is a lot more ways to actually heal, rather than just natural regen. Poultices, having a bandaged wound, keeping it clean.

On that thought a longer term injury system that reduces max health would be nice. Currently you get shot, go ‘ow’ walk away. Come back 20 minutes later full health like nothing happened. Make bleeding more common, less deadly. I just think health/hitpoints/injuries needs a bit of an overhaul.

I agree, bleeding should be more common, but it should be deadly, all you need to counter it is a couple rags and its easily fixed, we should die if we fail to prepare for dangerous situations, it’s one of the things that made rogue and variants so popular, mastery is a huge reward for many reasons.

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I don’t think you’re wrong, but in all variants of it that’ I’ve seen it’s just been like. “You’re bleeding.”

“You’re dead.” before combat is over. Moreover I think it should do less damage, and more massive amounts of debuffs and the like, at least until a certain threshold.

I can’t imagine it would be too hard to add in a counter that (For now does nothing) as a placeholder say, 5,000 that ticks down whenever you take blood damage, and regenerates too after you stop bleeding. Just as a placeholder to get it to work, it would literally do nothing until some proper ideas are heshed out.

Well there are plans to switch from the hp system to an injury based system so it will be added.

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