How do mutation dreams and thresholds work?

How do mutation dreams work? On the wiki it says that you have to reach third-tier mutation dreams to cross a threshold but doesn’t go into specifics. Is more mutagenic serum required to increase mutation dream tier? Will it happen over time without intervention?

Mutation dreams are a function of

  1. how heavily mutated you are (total mutations)
  2. what mutation category is most common in your character (not counting any starting traits)

Any mutation you acquire during play will affect dreaming, whether from radiation, yugg (does anyone actually encounter those?), oral mutagen, injected serum, rat-king aura, or scientist’s mouth-beam. Serum is necessary to breach a threshold but not to reach one.

Dreams will NOT change without a change in your mutations. If you go for a year with the same set of mutations, you’ll have the same dream-set that whole time, and will continue to have that same dream set until you remove or add mutations.

I once slept in a house in thewoods then i heard an explosion went to check on it and ran right into some wierd wreckage where i found some sort of artifact (i had no idea what it was) . There i got some flash of light happened like an explosion … it irradiated me … i have no idea what happened. I got some message about something? watching me. Then i proceeded to try ot the artifact… nearly blew myself up and the following night one of those yugg showed up out of nowhere.

twice. one time I had robust genetics and was around a swirling tear I made, and the second time 4 of them survived around some wierd map feature, 4 nether creatures and some marloss berries which came in real handy after getting the slimer mutation.

Thanks for the answers. How do bionics work with the prime [stat] mutations? For example if a character has the cerebral booster CBM taking intelligence to 14 from 12 then gets the prime intelligence mutation will intelligence be 15 or 17?

Just tested. CBM boosts don’t modify the base stat (mutations do!) so they don’t count for Prime purposes. Conversely, you’ll still get the bonus from the CBM after Prime stats, so you end up with 15 base and 17 augmented.

(12 base + 1 Smart (prereq) =13, Primed to 15, + 2 augmented = 17 final IN.)