"You have a strange dream"
Occasionally I get this message after going to sleep after a long day/night of scavenging and fending off zombears. Does it actually do anything?

I think it’s mutation related.

Correct. srggrevous’ character is showing signs of first-stage mutation with the strange dreams. I wouldn’t worry too hard about 'em.

Explains a bit. Thanks.

Also see “a terrifingly real dream” post its around page 3 somewhere

You’ll get diffrent “strange dreams” depending on the mutation branch. For example: “You have a strange dream about birds” or something like that means that "bird mutations " is your dominating branch.

My character personally dreams about grazing and hes fine so don’t worry.

Huh. If you’re moving toward Cattle (they’re the grazers) I’d imagine you’d notice some effects.