How do I mod the game?


–Wow, really? The problem was that I used this \ instead of this / for the symbol. Apparently this \ doesn’t work for one reason or another. Geez game, what’s wrong with you? I presume you can’t use this \ because it has some other specific function, like maybe it works as suedo code or something.
–Although color is still an issue. It seems to have decided to take a grey color as default since it isn’t recognizing orange. With or without caps.


I think so, can anyone elaborate as to why JSON was throwing errors when \ was used? I’m genuinely curious.

EDIT*** is really good for checking errors, as it points out where the problem is.


I checked my code and it says that it is indeed valid json. Doesn’t mean that my plutonium dagger actually becomes orange tho.


only way to check that is to spawn it ingame, the color name may be case sensitive too so you could check that if it didnt work.

I checked my code and it says that it is indeed valid json. Doesn’t mean that my plutonium dagger actually becomes orange tho.

Did it turn out to be orange?


Many text parsers \ to indicate that the next character should be treated in some special way. For instance “text string”: “This text includes “quoted text” and needs escape characters” - the \ tells the parser that the interior "s don’t end the string, but are instead part of it.

So when you did “symbol”: “”, to the parser, it looks like an unterminated string.

Normally the way you indicate that you really mean \ is to preface with a \ to treat it as a literal. So “symbol”: “\” would probably be correct.


oh okay, I didn’t think that since \ was in the quotes it would cause an issue, good to know! I never used special characters often with C# in unity.

ROA: Red's Odd Additions (Mod)

–The giant axe is only a god weapon if you can carry a stupidly large amount of weight (unless you glitch DEBUG it in…). To get the Plutonium Dagger you need to kill the LVL 20 Plutonium Dragon (from Munchkin Quest) to get Plutonium Scales to make it. If you kill a LVL 20 Plutonium Dragon, you already are a god. I’m going to add some balancing to make it so the Stick of Heroism doesn’t just cost one essence of bash (each essence is made with one rag) and a heavy stick for balancing effects later. Lots of the stuff I’ve made has placeholders and such.
–I figured the \ was used for something of the sort.
–Nope, I tested it out before mentioning the issue with the color. It still just defaults to grey. I thought you’d understand what I meant when I type that but in retrospect I get the confusion now. And no, it doesn’t appear to be case sensitive. I tried that out.

–Oops, I noticed a typo for Essence of Cutting (which the exact typo happened several times) so I ended up changing it to what it was meant to be. Now there is a bugged useless item in my test word due to it. It appears to do literally nothing, but at least it doesn’t create much a problem.

–Here is where my mod’s official thread is! ROA: Red’s Odd Additions (Mod) Not that it’s particularly great right now, but if anyone wants to try it out and contribute with ideas and such feel free to!

–I can’t figure out how to turn a weapon into a piercing weapon! Any help?

–I can’t manage to delete anything on Github it seems, can anyone help with that?


–What is ‘CHIP’ resist? Is it like explosions or something? If not, would explosions have to do with bashing, fire, cutting, or something like that?
–in terms of monster loot stuff, from what I understand it is possible to effectively connect two (or more) different ones together, right? Sort of like nesting one into another? From observation that seems to be a thing. I figured out easily enough how to directly add stuff to a drop list, I just want verification mostly.
–How exactly does the different things work in terms of monster attacks and such? More specifically, things like melee dice, melee dice sides, melee skill. I have a good guess, so this is also a bit more of verification.
–Here’s my thought of what each one does: Melee dice is how many ‘dice’ are rolled at a time. Melee dice sides shows how high damage can be rolled (50 sides means it can do a max of 50 base damage. So not including other modifiers.). Armor bash/cut (I think that is what it is called) is how much it ignores armor of that type (10 armor bash ignores 10 bashing protection on armor). Melee skill and dodge work similar to what the player has in terms of skills. Is that all correct? Some things are hard to accurately test in-game, so I largely need to guesstimate with this.

How do I add custom colors in the json?

chip resist, for items, looks to be the item’s inherit resistance to being damaged while being used. a glass bottle should break if used as a weapon, while a solid steel anvil will almost never break.

it’s very confusingly named.


I think it’s based on the fact that minor item damage is usually referred to as chipped or scratched.


–Ah, no wonder I couldn’t figure it out! There is definitely some stat changes I need to do know that I know that! I thought it might having something to do with explosions or something. I feel like it really should be called something like break resist, that seems more logical to me.
–Speaking of explosion resist, does anyone know what actually helps with that? Is it a mixture of things? I attempted to test it with different stuff, but I couldn’t get an obvious answer.


Explosions look like they do bash damage and should be resisted by bash protection. However, many explosions also produce shrapnel, which is cutting damage, as well as fire, which requires fire protection. And presumably mini-nuke explosions also do radiation damage.


I presume I cannot just mess with the Jsons in order to add a use function similar to the saw down barrel action. (More specifically I wanted to make a saw down stock)


It looks like saw_barrel is supported by a lot of c++ code in the src directory so I don’t think you can easily repurpose it via json alone.


Is there a hard limit to how many recipes one item can have?


I don’t think so, but I have yet to try it myself.


So if I were to give a ranged weapon no ammo type it I presume it would have a cataclysm + style crank rifle but if I were to define an ammo type that would not happen is this correct? (I plan to make a gun that by itself is just a grip, trigger group and hammer with the actual barrel and chamber being mods that must be added)


You can do that, yes. Setting no ammo will make it not require anything. You can also look at the two vanilla laser weapons for more information.

Be aware that gunmods can’t actually modify the internal magazine of a weapon, the best you can do is to make it accept magazines. Magazines however can do what you want, though I’m not sure if it’s possible to make a magazine that can be reloaded while in the gun.


Are you updating the LW523?


No it’s actually going to be a scrap weapon. Maybe I would make a base gun that replaces most of the scrap weapons with just a weapon base that the player can customize on an as needed basis. (Ran out of 45 but have some 223 laying around just slap a new barrel on it)