Thread for generic short(ish) questions! {Newest: 6/11}

–Someone recently pointed out that I make a lot of threads. Well, yes, I do. So this exists just to satisfy (theoretically) small questions that I (or others) may have. All of the ones I’ve done are relevant, and not strictly spam or such, but it simply seems like a better idea to condense much of it all into one place.
–To help others know when a new/different question has been asked, that’s what the ‘Newest’ thing on the title is for. When I (or someone else) asks a separate question, I’ll update it to the date (or as close as I can get) that said question was mentioned.

–Anyway, my current question is this: Is there a ‘simple’ tutorial out there to help with basic modding for Cataclysm? Or something that at least indirectly allows me to mod it? I have a small amount of programming knowledge, but not a whole lot. I don’t even know how I’d reach/edit any existing files of the game properly. Whether a video or a website, anything of the sort would (probably) help!
–To note, I don’t mean something that just teaches me coding in itself. I want something that helps show me how to mod CDDA in the first place. If those two things to hand-in-hand, then that’s fine. I simply mean that I don’t want things like CodeHS or KhanAcademy. Not simply programming in general.

–Hmm, it appears some of the links have disappeared on that thread. I’m not really certain how to find out where those links and such are, especially since I’m unfamiliar with Github. Other than a few cases where I download something from it.
–Without said links, I can’t correctly understand what this is saying, and while it seems like it would be very useful, those links might be needed. Unless someone can help guide me as to where I’d find it all.
–Thanks anyway, even if it ends up being more-or-less a dead end.
EDIT: There seems to be some sort of invisible button there, but it doesn’t actually do anything. The mouse cursor will change, indicating that something is there, but, like I said, it doesn’t do anything.

Don’t do that, just make the small threads.

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