How do I mod the game?


Magazines can be reloaded while they are in the weapon although I think it takes longer or that it takes the same amount of time to load the magazine it’s just rather unfortunate if you have to do so while in combat.


Seems you’re correct. You might even be able to put a really high reload time on gun itself so that you can’t just replace the magazine mid-fight to switch to another type of ammo. If you were so inclined…


You are also correct that unfortunately internal magazine cannot be modified with gun mods anymore. With that said can detachable magazines affect the volume as well as the weight of a firearm. (thinking about getting creative with magazines to make an impromptu multiple barrel weapon)


I think they would, since there are multiple types of magazine, drums and such. You might be able to make a gunmod that converts an internal magazine weapon to accept actual magazines and adds an automatic fire option, then you could have a set of magazines for use with that mod.


Okay just confirmed that magazines can affect the volume as well as weight. I think I can make an internal magazine weapon can be modified to use magazines. However unless it was fixed recently I am pretty sure the auto fire mod code is still borked. The system I was thinking of was to have a base weapon that can then be built upon for whatever purpose you might need provided you can find the tools. And once again I was thinking about something and thought of something again to make the original multiple barrel weapon idea be a gunmod similar to the underbarrel weapons only they wouldn’t actually take up that spot.


I am now actually trying to make my first true weapon mod however from testing it appears that the test gunmod that I am using to try it for some reason will only accept accept the base ammo that the type is based on rather than every ammunition of that type.

Edit: this only seems to be happening with the 9mm right now. I can only geuss it is because the ammo type is the same name as the base ammo.
EDIT AGAIN:So I’m going to have to do a LOT of overrides in order to get this thing to work properly apparently. Basically here is what seems to be the problem at least if I want to go down the path of having a gun that uses exclusively an internal magazine with gun mods that add the chamber and barrel for it. It appears that the ammo_modifier thing works fine with magazines requiring no additional work if I were to go down that path but for internal magazine weapons it seems that if the ammo selected has an ammo that uses the same id as the ammo type the weapon will only use that particular ammo which sucks.


“id”: “sshpbase”,
“type”: “GUN”,
“reload_noise_volume”: 10,
“name”: “Handmade Single Shot Pistol Base”,
“name_plural”: “Handmade Single Shot Pistol Bases”,
“//”: “Just as it says this is a base made to be built upon.”,
“description”: “A rough hewn grip with a spring loaded homemade hammer that is operated by bringing the hammer down with your thumb and releasing it to fire a round. While not a great setup it is designed with the intent of using whatever ammunition is on hand”,
“weight”: 50,
“volume”: 1,
“price”: 20,
“to_hit”: -1,
“bashing”: 3,
“material”: [ “steel”, “wood” ],
“symbol”: “(”,
“color”: “brown”,
“ammo”: “nope”,
“skill”: “pistol”,
“ranged_damage”: 0,
“dispersion”: 480,
“durability”: 3,
“clip_size”: 1,
“reload”: 200,
“valid_mod_locations”: [ [ “accessories”, 4 ], [ “grip”, 1 ], [ “sights”, 1 ], [ “underbarrel”, 1 ], [ “barrel and chamber”, 1 ] ],
“flags”: [ “RELOAD_ONE”, “RELOAD_EJECT” ]
“id”: “sshp9x19mmc”,
“type”: “GUNMOD”,
“name”: “Pipe 9x19mm chamber”,
“description”: “A really short piece of plumbing that is the correct size to snugly fit a single 9x19mm pistol round.”,
“weight”: 60,
“volume”: 1,
“price”: 20,
“to_hit”: 0,
“bashing”: 0,
“material”: [ “steel” ],
“symbol”: “:”,
“color”: “light_gray”,
“location”: “barrel and chamber”,
“mod_targets”: [ “rifle”, “pistol” ],
“acceptable_ammo”: [ “nope” ],
“ammo_modifier”: “9mm”,
“damage_modifier”: -2,
“dispersion_modifier”: 0,
“min_skills”: [ [ “mechanics”, 0 ] ]


Hmm, is it possible to make a ‘gun’ to not use any ammo? But still have some sort of specific cooldown time between shots? I’m trying to make a Hel staff, which isn’t meant to use any ammo, but I can’t figure out how to get it to work properly.


Unless it is no longer possible check out the cataclysm + mod which has a crank powered laser rifle.


I don’t know what ‘crank powered’ is, but I’ll try and look into it.


Basically its like what I think most people thought the laser musket from fallout 4 was going to be (a hand crank powered laser gun) but sadly it wasn’t.


There’s a couple of options for that, some of which may or may not work.

First, you could experiment with transformation. Look at cured hides for an example, you might be able to make it so it transforms into a “Hel Staff (recharging)” that transforms back into a usable Hel staff after a few minutes.

You may also be able to get away with setting it as not using ammo, or giving it no set ammunition, and then giving it a really long reload time. It would mean you’d have to sit there for a little while before you could actually fire it, but that should be really easy to set up.

You might also be able to experiment with the artifact recharge flags, which will let it regenerate charges over time, in the sun, etc. You’ll have to set the ammo type as charges.

Dunno which, if any, of these methods would work, but I think they’re all worth a try. Let me know if you work out a method.


Depends you can copy and paste and edit some information and bam mod


Is there a way to set a volume lower than 1 but higher than 0 ? It seems that “volume”: 0.5,
gives you an item of 0.01L anyway (same as “volume”: 0,).


Ya, that’s been an annoyance I’ve spotted for a while. It’s frustrating, to say the least. I don’t care too much, but if I could get it to be different I’d love that.


Try putting 500ml it seems that can work.


You mean literally “volume” : 500ml ?


Well look in the Json for other 0.5 L items to see what they put down. But yeah that is a thing.


Ok thanks, I’ll take a look.
But volume: 1 is already 250ml so that still dont solve the problem


Is there a way to stop weapons from making noise? The shadow staff is supposed to be perfectly silent, but it evidently is not, since it often makes almost 100 sound. Or at least the ammo makes said sound.


bows and crossbows have “loudness” fields, and the suppresessor has “loudness_modifier”: -30 entry.

You could try
“loudness”: 0,
“loudness_modifier”: -100.

and see if that stops it from making noise.