How do I mod the game?

–For some reason, my custom material Essence of Bacon refuses to add the fire resistance on my Legendary Bacon Undies! The bashing resistance works, but not fire for some reason. in the json it says “fire_resist”: 10, which seems to imply that it it has 10 fire resistance, but it doesn’t seem to work. Like I said, bashing does, but not fire. Should I upload my code in pastebin? To mention, if you didn’t realise, the game didn’t complain in terms of DEBUG errors.

EDIT: I forgot to copy the underscore

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I’m pretty sure anything crafted fits you, so you probably don’t need to worry to much other than when testing.

It’s possible the armor needs some environmental resistance to be able to apply some fire protection.


–Apparently you need to add environmental protection to the amount you have for fire resist. However this only seems to go up to the amount that the material itself has, even if you add more material thickness; I have 5 material thickness, and the material adds 10 fire resist by itself. That would imply 50 fire resist, however even if I put environmental protection up to 50 to max it out it only goes up to 10 fires resist still. Which seems stupid in my opinion, but I don’t know how to fix that other than increasing the material (itself) fire resistance or making a new material with higher fire resist.
–I still have no clue what density does.

Density is unimplemented right now.

Well realistically it makes sense. No matter how much of a material you have, it’s still going to burn at the same temperature, but if it lets the heat/fire through, it can’t protect you.

I imagine density will automatically apply weight based on the volume of an item, which would be really useful.

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–Hmm, well I guess that does make sense @darktoes. I can understand that now.
–I can’t manage to find aluminum and tin cans anywhere in the files. I looked in all of the areas that seems logical for them to be in. I need them to make the recipe for the serrated can!
EDIT: I can’t managed to guess it either :sob:
EDIT 2: Found it! It was in a semi-obvious area. I was looking for the wrong thing.

–I assume that autolearn basically means that you know it at the start of the game, right? Either that or when you get to the necessary skills you need to make it that are put into the recipe.

–I when I get ‘X’ amount of content and learn enough I’ll probably upload this mod somewhere (github?) for others to download it. When that happens I’d definitely love some suggestions for balancing factors. I like things to often be wonky and not make sense, but you need some sort of balance in there. I often try and have it so an item has one or two really good benefits, but is terrible at everything else. And possibly so bad in other categories that it has actual negatives.
–For example: Legendary Bacon Undies have stupidly large amount of storage and fire protection, however, they are cumbersome to wear and are hot enough to light your pants on fire in summer (not really. I think). They also cover 100% of your legs. It only has 5 bash protection and lacks any other protection. It’s really only good when transporting items or walking into a blazing inferno (although other fire protection is recommended).
–The Immortal Loincloth really isn’t that great. Being immune to groin damage is great and all, but it literally covers 5% of your legs. On the bright side, bash and cut protection is set at 999.

–I can’t figure out how to make the tickle monster ‘attack’ without doing any damage.

I’m pretty sure autolearn means you learn it when you reach the skill levels needed to make it, without having to find a recipe book.

–Here’s the json for the tickle monster. What I’m trying to do is get it to properly ‘attack,’ but not to any damage; He’ll try to nom on your face, but not base through your armor. Which is your face. Here’s the json for it:

–Heh, I was testing out the giant axe and it seems to be so heavy and large that it glitched out when I DEBUGed it into my inventory:
–The tickle monster’s speed is 1000, and I move so fast it looks like it can’t move.
–If you are wondering why my head has 100 encumbrance it is due to the Afro of Encumbrance being on me noggin. Yes, it gives 100 encumbrance by itself. That’s how big of an afro it is.

I have a new issue, here is the DEBUG log:
–It seems like it is complaining about the color, is orange not a color you can choose? If not, is there a way to get orange as a color?

see doc/ for the color rules and name schemes.

Can i see your melee.json?

–Okay, that thing is super confusing and I don’t understand it much. From what I understand you can add more colors, and that orange is not already a color in the game. Sooo, somehow I can add orange as a color. I just need to figure out, you know, how to do that.
–Seriously, that thing was super confusing. I’m surprised I got anything out of it!

–Here is my melee.json (focused around the actual issue itself. The other items work):

–How do I post anything on Gitbug? I’d like to add my mod to it eventually.

“ORANGE” : [100,39,0], try adding this to Data/Json/Raw/colors.json maybe?

How do I post anything on Gitbug? I’d like to add my mod to it eventually.

did you mean github?

–Ideally I’d like to add this to my actually mod folder, so that it would actually work if someone were to download my mod. If it works by putting it where you say, that’ll only work for me. But I’ll try it out for now.
–Yes, I meant Github. Typo.

You can make a copy of that directory and add it to your mod folder IIRC not sure if just adding the colors.json to your folder will work, im not to sure on how the folder structure works with mods.

a tutorial on how to use github

–It didn’t seem to work. I made a color.json in my own mod folder instead and that didn’t work either.
–The in-game DEBUG says that a string is not closed before end of line, BTW. If I change the color to red it still says the same thing about a string. I don’t see how the code for the other weapons works but not this one. I copy and pasted the whole thing and simply replaced the right bits to make it the plutonium dagger instead. I never changed the part that the game seems to be complaining about. I the color thing might be a separate problem if at all.

its complaining about line 57 but since you only showed me that one item, i cant see any errors.

–Here is the entire thing from melee.json :
–Side question, do you like the giant axe’s stats? I’m sure you can see how this would be useful, yes?

“type”: “GENERIC”,
“id”: “plutonium_dagger”,
“name”: “plutonium dagger”,
“description”: “While small, this dagger can puncture through some serious armor!”,
“weight”: 45400,
“color”: “ORANGE”,
“symbol”: “/”,
“material”: [“scale_plutonium_material”],
“volume”: 7,
“cutting”: 75,
“bashing”: 10,
“price”: 500000,
“to_hit”: 1

Try replacing yours with this?

Side question, do you like the giant axe’s stats? I’m sure you can see how this would be useful, yes?

God weapons :smiley: