How To Mod?

I have wanted to attempt to mod this game for a while is there any “how to” or something i could follow ect. I got no experienceso i don’t expect to do much but i was just curious.


Currently, most stuff is defined in the code. So, you’d need to have at least a passing familiarity with C++ to be able to do much. If you know at least some C++, then great! I suggest starting by popping on IRC and asking questions. If not, well, see the next two paragraphs.

The only things that appear to be moddable without recompiling the game are which monsters spawn in which contexts (to some degree), and the list of random names. You can access both of those by editing the files in the data/json/ directory.

It appears that there are plans to have more stuff be moddable just by editing text files, though. For example, someone just made a big change to how items are defined, which will eventually allow that information to be read in from text files.

thanks alot this helps gonna try and learn some C++ now :slight_smile:

Alrighty then :). It’ll probably seem daunting at first, but if you can wrap your head around it, it’s pretty sweet.

First make sure you can compile the game from source, because that will be required for any significant changes. If you can do that, then try tinkering with the source and seeing if you can make it do interesting things!

Also, if you’re starting from essentially no knowledge of programming, then as I see it, there are two fundamental ways to learn. You can either start from the beginning, and build up your knowledge progressively; or you can start with task X, look up what you need to know/do in order to do X, realize that you need to do Y first, look up what you need to know in order to Y, etc., etc., until you find something that you understand.

The former method of learning (following a guide) is more structured and probably less frustrating, but the latter method (filling in gaps in your knowledge) will mean you can tinker with interesting things sooner. I’d recommend a bit of both, personally.

Or you could do what I do and pester folks on irc endlessly.