How do I make sense of warmth numbers?

The + screen now shows something I don’t quite understand, some numbers are negative and some positive, and they fluctuate all the time.

I think they no longer show total warmth provided by clothing but instead show how warm you feel… which is redundant since you could already tell that from color, and I can no longer quickly assess exactly how much warm clothing I’m wearing on each body part.

What exactly do those numbers mean? I take it I should try to keep them at zero plus-minus 20?

Also, I’ve read something about the wind affecting warmth and…

  1. I keep hearing a “whirrr” from the west, is that wind? I have enhanced hearing but I’m sure it’s not some stray car because I’m underground.
  2. Speaking of that, is there even supposed to be wind underground?

As I found out in a bug thread, since I thought they were supposed to represent temperature of the body parts, they are actually measuring something entirely different.

The numbers are apparently a -100 to 100 scale, where 0 is comfortable, of how warm or cold the body part feels with all current armor on it. So yes, you want to zone in on 0 if possible.

I don’t know about the whirr.

In my experience, a whirr is an engine.

Without your save I can’t be sure, but Zireael and Nubsawce are accurate.