Can't load newly created world with latest experimental build

  1. 0.9-4650-g36f7be2
  2. SDL
  3. Windows 7 64bit
  4. Downloaded new build today and created a new world. Upon attempting to load into it, the “Please wait while the world data loads” message appears then the application hangs. After a minute, a window appears with the message, “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information. Ok button.” Then the “Windows Stopped working” window appears with ‘check online’ and ‘close’ options.

Typical that I deleted my old build and install so am completely unable to get my Cataclysm fix for today. Which leads to this question of; Is there anywhere to download old builds from?

Also had the same issue with the build directly prior to the build version number listed. I that version, I received the following error log when attempting to load into a world created without the Old Guns Pack mod.

src/game.cpp[212]: Error loading data from json: ./data/mods/Oldies Pack/op_ammo.json: line 99:3: member not found: type

"effects" : ["COOKOFF"]


"id" : "flintlock_ammo",
"price" : 50000,

Found previous versions. Tried, 0.9-4645-g753e2d9. With that version I can generate and load a new world. (Yay, I can get my daily CataDDa Fix.) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!

A fix has just been merged. In about ten to twenty minutes (the time it takes everything to update) you should be able to grab a fresh working copy.

I still can’t create new world with and/or without mods. Always trying to load and after a minut or two just crash.
Donwloaded even newest build few minutes ago and still same thing… game just crash at loading new world.

Last build I’m using is #915 and it works perfectly.

Merging a fix for an infinite load-loop bug right now. Check the DL in about ten to twenty minutes; it might just fix your problem!

Yep, now everything works.