Error when loading a game

I just updated to 8814 and get the following error when trying to load a game. When I try to ignore the error, the game just reverts back to the start screen:

 DEBUG    : Error: line 161:19: no such item group

      "chance": 100,
      "repeat": [ 2, 5 ],
 FUNCTION : bool main_menu::load_character_tab()
 FILE     : src/main_menu.cpp
 LINE     : 964

Update: I reverted the build a few steps at a time, and it seems the culprit is build 8806. The error persists from thereon, but I can load the save just fine on build 8805.

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Same here. After 8805 game crash.
Try update all you mods from GitHub. If that dont work rollback saves and game and wait to mods update or just forget about update to latest experimental.

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I’m getting the same error aswell.

OP did @Belcanzor’s solution work? Did you find the mod that needed to be updated?
Or did you roll back to an earlier save?

Yes, sorry I didn’t specify a solution. The problem rests with the More City Locations mod and updating it manually from Github solved the error, even with the newest experimental build.


Got a link to that github?

Here you go: