How do I eat dinosaur eggs?

I cooked one and it’s like 2000+ in calorie and I literally can’t eat it without killing myself in the process.

It’s the volume that matters. How much volume is one egg? If you can gulp it down, then the calorie isn’t a problem at all. I routinely take 4k+ calorie per day.

The volume is definitely way too large to eat in one go since I’d end up vomiting and unable to finish the portion. Do you know a way to actually eat such oversized food properly without ending up wasting it?

Cant you use dino eggs in recipes like some dough or whatever? That way you get a bunch of pancakes out of it or something.

Scrambled egg is probably the way.

Yeah, you kinda got that right. I have been boiling it which is weirdly the only dinomod cooking recipe that does not make portions. Any other recipes gives 40+ portions per batch