Living off apatosaurus scraps

Decided I needed a mountain of leather and went after an apatosaurus. Needless to say 2757 raw hide isn’t a bad haul.

I was just woefully unprepared for the amount of flesh and fat I was bestowed upon. 3505 chunks of fat, 680 pieces of lung, 2300 livers, 470 kidneys, 980 raw brains, and 394 sweetbread. Don’t even remember how many bones there were, all I remember is there being so many that I couldn’t put everything in the modified humvee. I knew it was a big dino but I didn’t think I’d get that much. The freezer room I have is just too small to keep all that unfortunately and most will probably go to waste.

Only issue I have with this haul is that all the meat it gave me on full butcher is in scraps of meat, 3789 pieces. It would’ve been about 474 chunks of meat if I were to convert their caloric content to that of the chunks.

Anyway, I’ll be living off this dino for a few months. Living as a carnivore just got really easy, especially with the calcium tablets that have been pre-prepared. Re-evaluation on the amount of necessary space I’ll need for food storage in the future will also go into effect.

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Well, have fun with your dino meat.

Meanwhile I’m over here, sitting on a pile of over 18600 caffeinated chewing gums that I’ve got from butchering two Caffeinated gum spiders.

Munching about two pieces each ingame hour, I’m under a constant influence of stimulants.
Luckily it’s winter, so it probably will conserve itself for a while.

That’s a sweet cataclysm if I’ve ever seen one…