How did you last die?

Died for snek poison

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You know those National Guard camps?
You know how they spawn really close to the evac shelter?
You know those robots?

I hate those robots.

RIP - 90% of all my characters who surrendered to the wrath of those military android things.

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Stepped on a frickin landmine because I was bored :grin:. Killing a npc at the same time :grimacing:

you ever just blow yourself up out of bordom:tipping_hand_woman:

Exploring city, too easy,
Bow aimed, foes maimed,
Zombies fell, all is well,
Feral predator seen, shocker swoll enters the scene.

“Oh shit” i proclaim, tried to aim,
Predator jumps, Shocker electricity pumps,
Fire started, predator thwarted,
Shocker left, all hope bereft,
Tried to run, game done.


Two days into a rude girl. The dog in the cave looked nice enough. It wasn’t a dog.


Kinda funny. I think tanks and armored vehicle may be bugged a bit. Don’t get me wrong. Powerful. Sleak(ish). Cool ride.

Apparently when something catches on fire outside an armored vehicle. the creators of these vehicles thought…bullets, yeah. Those should be allowed through. Fire. Yeah! Fire should be allowed through too!

So long story short. I have a perfect new tank and I get shot 4 times by a dude outside my ride. He got run over and I then went over a fire because the next thing I know I’m on fire and I died. Wellllllll…crapcakes! >_>

Nice. I just found my first mine a day or so ago. Didn’t even notice the dog until it morphed. Got a nice Staff of Cyclopean Suffering out of it, though.

Armored vehicle protection against projectiles and effects is… iffy, at best.

300+ hours into the game and I literally could not even begin to tell you how or why a vehicle hull does or does not decide to stop bullets or shrapnel. It feels completely arbitrary.

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Out of interest, was the vehicle on a diagonal? I ask because the game will count it as having gaps unless the walls are double thickness.

That’s why I have this protocol called shot first ask later

Sadly all she had was a knife

Yeah, that kind of issue crops up when Planck Scale is set to ~1 meter. :smiley:

I found some heavy power armor and a light power armor helmet in some banks. Dealing with crowds became a non-issue, so I decided clear the entire city.

Unbeknownst to me, every body part but my head didn’t take damage.

That’s why I usually try to get an long range weapon ASAP

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Get irritated with CBM storage door in lab.
Prime C4
Wait for explosion at a safe distance with companions.
Realize i forgot to drop C4


Alas, just a standard street clearing run, when a shocker brute snuck in from a bad angle and interceded at a bad moment and I didn’t have any ranged weapons ready.

I tried to break for my vehicle, but the shock effects brought my movement down to a crawl and I died 2 steps away from safety.

Nope. Straight. But that reminds me I found that reinforced glass anywhere in the game seems to allow rifle fire through it. I have no idea why. But easy to test unless somebody snuck that fix into the game already.

Hm, I’m going to have to be a touch more ruthless from now on in regards to NPCs then.

Well anything that has a gun it would seem is a possible threat. I have not tested all vehicles and every gun, to know if reinforced glass stops any of them. Assume it is a clean shot if you are behind reinforced glass…which sounds odd I know xD

Now be careful when you sleep in your ride. Apparently a squishy zombie can chew through metal plates to get at you while you sleep in a tank lol