How did you last die?


My character died from a window frame


My first death due to land mine. Best beginning situation I ever had in game. Got literally all the finest gear from a bandit base. Was totally rockin it. Night fell. I walked over a mine and turned into meat confetti =(


Drunken Fusion Arm Blaster straight down. Took some zombies with me too atleast.

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Well long story short. It was a pretty succesfull run so far i found a lab and a hacking tool so I went in.
I was happy got a lot of good loot, CBM, 2 libary with some high end books. I just checking out some random smal 5x5 or what size generic room. Seen a adrenalin syrange so i decided to grab it. In my way out front of me the was an another room with glass doors, then the disaster happened. The door was smashed and a lab zombie apeared. Ok so what i shot him with my shoti it droped dead ok. Heard another crash ok lets check it out. I peaked aroud the corner i was in a bright coridor adn saw 2 security bots casualy rolling toward me. Well you can image how well it ended…

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Meat confetti. That is hilarious.

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Shot in the back by a traitor NPC…

After that i ran an canaibal setup and took my revenge out on NPC’s

Never trust them again, go for turrets and robots, they will stay loyal.

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Have you never been shot in the back by a turret?


Fled the Riots starting scenario, shocker brute right outside.


Well now that you say it… Damn… Trust NO ONE i guess

Not even yourself!


A moose gored me while I was salvaging a Vertibird. I kept losing my balance on rubble. Four turns. The moose solved that problem, by breaking my legs.
Remember everyone, you can’t lose your balance if you don’t have working legs to stand on.

I think the moose was onto something.
It killed me so hard…I died :scream:.


I think you might have forgotten rule 1and2 of combat.
1: don’t fight in bad terrain
2: don’t even try moosen without a gun


Honestly, I forgot to pay attention. lol.

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Thanks. I coined that one in my 20’s when describing a cheesy horror movie. I think it was 28 days later, when the scene with the runners tripped the land mines in the film and perhaps that is my reason for thinking of that when I had my toon blow up xD

I was contemplating saying “it was raining men”, but I remembered I played a female that time lol

Keeping in line with the thread. Been having a string of good beginnings. Terrible endings. Don’t use grenades to try and open military bunkers via the reinforced glass. You won’t like the party. Despite being a blast >_>


I was making some night-time repairs when I noticed sounds just outside my truck. Further investigation revealed a zombie hulk was the source of the ruckus.

I didn’t make it very far.


There was collusion!

First, the smoker zombie sapped my stamina so I couldn’t run away.

Then, the grabber zombie held me in place while the survivor zombie pounded on me.

Then, while failing to run away, due to the lack of stamina, an electric jerk started tasing me!

I didn’t even go down in a blaze of glory. I just plain went down.


20mph, cruising on down a field, you’re relaxing and feeling good, next thing that you know you’ve been hit by a bush!

Seriously though, seatbelts are no joke.


I sniffed 15 units of cocaine and ran to the nearest horde spraying my RM-88 with an under barrel shotgun then I activated a mini nuke and turned me,the mall and the horde into dust


Got punched by a Hulk and went straight thru a house window. That was neat and unique… I also happened to land on a mine.



I died to a skelly juggernaut who knocked me around so much he dropped the building on us. Lived through it cause RnG loved me then was horded and buried.


I had forgotten to add a seatbelt to my car, and I slightly bumped another vehicle. Glitchy vehicle physics meant that I was thrown from my seat instantly, and slammed into the back of my car, which then got locked in a chain of moving forwards one tile as the other car moved backwards one tile, locking them into infinite collisions and tossing me backwards and forwards like a ragdoll until all of my limbs were broken.