How did you last die?


My character died from a window frame


My first death due to land mine. Best beginning situation I ever had in game. Got literally all the finest gear from a bandit base. Was totally rockin it. Night fell. I walked over a mine and turned into meat confetti =(


Drunken Fusion Arm Blaster straight down. Took some zombies with me too atleast.


Well long story short. It was a pretty succesfull run so far i found a lab and a hacking tool so I went in.
I was happy got a lot of good loot, CBM, 2 libary with some high end books. I just checking out some random smal 5x5 or what size generic room. Seen a adrenalin syrange so i decided to grab it. In my way out front of me the was an another room with glass doors, then the disaster happened. The door was smashed and a lab zombie apeared. Ok so what i shot him with my shoti it droped dead ok. Heard another crash ok lets check it out. I peaked aroud the corner i was in a bright coridor adn saw 2 security bots casualy rolling toward me. Well you can image how well it ended…