How did you last *own*?

The exact opposite of the “How did you last die?” thread.

Unfortunately I haven’t played recently, so I can’t remember how I last owned.

Well, I made pneumatic rifle and owned everything. Then I died from accidentally running into a building in the town I was gonna loot. The truck blew up.

I owned by building a wall around a city. It was a palisade wall all the way around. It was more of a small village than a city.

It took a long time.

I killed a jabberwock. In the rain; dramatic showdown style.

Indeed there have been bigger ownages.

Taking on a Military base just now, M4A1++++ ,high gun training, Sonic Resonator and high PP on a Deathbike.

Skidded past turrets and threw a few EMP’s jumped off and shot the other nearby defenses. Walked straight up to wall and turned on the bass as sonic waves break apart the nearby wall panel.

Shit felt like I was Goku SSJ.

Damn flawless entry.

How I liked to imagine it: My character kicks open the door, with a fireaxe strapped to his back and a M4A1 in his hands, then starts shooting zombies, reloads by throwing the clip into the air and catching it with his gun, and goes to the center of town, shooting everything.

How it happened: Got chased out of a Gun Store, shot every zombie in a two-mile radius.

Figured I needed some new books, went down to the nearest Regional School. Danced through the halls slicing apart little undead children with a rapier, got my books, and left through the backdoor unscathed. Took down the flag as a memoir, and then smashed a door down for wood. Lit the school ablaze because I’m far too lazy to butcher all those corpses, and walked off like a boss. Was soon caught in acid rain and wound up hiding in a burger joint for a couple of hours. Kind of killed the buzz :confused:

Well, I do have a solar-collector implant, a superhuman implant (str +20) and a sledge. I own the Milky Way AND have kids in the other one that work for me by bringing me their candy and soda.
I squash a tin can into a 5-pence just so I don’t make a recipe in the .json file. Kevin makes doors and windows, I make holes and Black holes.

I wanted to kill my character, but wanted it to be awesome, so I put on a remix of the DOOM theme and ran into town with all the guns and ammo I could carry with two military rucksacks, and shot everything that moved, then I found a working bike, filled it up at the nearby gas station and drove it to the next town, shooting zombies on the way. I did a Just Cause 2 and dived off my bike while shooting at zombies. I dived in the direction of a hulk.

Wanted to raid a mansion, but it had always been teeming with swamp-critters every time I drove by.

This time I ran over as many as I could on my way there, then stepped out of the car with as many turrets as I could carry. Emplaced them, and then went back into the car for more. Lost a few turrets, mainly to them shooting each other I think, but after a while there was nothing but stillness, steaming piles of corpses in puddles of acid, and knee-deep droves of 9mm casings.