How did you last die?


If you checked the side panel when you killed him it says he opened all his pouches. It does warn you at the very least but ya they explode shortly after death.


Yeah, I always hit ‘V’ after I drop a grenadier, just to check for anything “(active).”


I was watching 4 Soldier zombies fight 2 meegos. I stood back far enough where they didn’t notice me, but I had a nice view for the show. The meegos eventually won, but then I noticed one of the soldier zombies said “grenadier” instead of soldier. As he died it said “The grenadier zombie smacks his hands to his chest.” (or something like that) Then it exploded. I was pretty far away but was still deafened by the explosion. Also, there was something that said “bits of shrapnel bounce of your armor.”

Since then I try to avoid them.


I ran into a building to escape a hulk. I opened the door and got blasted by a security bot next to it. It was a bank.


Trying to slip past some razorclaws. They seem to be almost blind, so I figured I could get by if I kept my distance. Then one stepped around behind me and wandered up close enough to spot me and started shrieking, then all 40 or so razorclaws went hostile and started coming at me. I tried to run but kept getting grabbed, and those things are strong, harder to pull away from than a grabber zombie.
I took down about a dozen with my machete+Eskrima, but died in the end.

It was a pretty metal way to go, to be honest.:metal:


Mistook step on mine text for the raspberry bush text


I was running away from a zombie horde after i accidentally burned the house down trying to cook something and I drowned trying to drown a crawling zombie


Zombies don’t breathe, so good luck with that!


Fogo?granada? Talvez algum monstro raro te visitou.


Almighty power of double Mi-Go. Shame I never got to actually try that stealth cloak, if only under slung grenade launchers didn’t take 1 launcher skill to activate!


I swear i’m the only person who plays this game that has no idea how to drive.


Vorm has a great driving tutorial. Thats where i learned how to drive.


thanks man i’ll check it out.


First day and I’d (somewhat) safely made it out of town. So far, so good. Then, I noticed a dump full of zombies falling into holes. I thought this was pretty funny, so I went up to the barbed wire and waited, figuring they’d either kill themselves or open a path for me.

Everything proceeded according to plan, until I found out that zombie hulks exist. He smashed through the fence like it was nothing, chased me until I was exhausted and rag dolled me harder than skyrim…


I (somehow) forgot that the peeking ability existed and promptly mauled by a zombie brute.
Perhaps someday, I will be an expert survivor of the cataclysm, but that is not today.


Had my go at a “shit hit the fan start” (Max city size with ramped up spawns for everything, wander spawns on). Bionic cyclist at a clothing store to get a sweet mili rucksack and actual clothes. Made it about a day of scavenging before being hit by a horde and eventually aggroing a super scout who proceeded to destroy one of my legs while I was riding my folding bike. Got ripped apart by zombie dogs


I never died, this is my first ttime playing, im playing ultra real like charecter like set, like my life depended on it, i dont engage nothing im sincearly terrorised of everything and even the fighting mechanics scare me, i probably whoud try to kill a zombie with no legs in real life but in this game i dont know men im scared as hell,

!!!Maybe by the time i get to hit it with my heavy chain it already is like eating by troath(the leg less zombie) hahahah(sounds patetic).!!!

I think i gust whant to hide with my charcoal smoker for ever in some cabin and wait the zombies to die from i dont know putredaction or hunger or something i supose thats imposible hahah never sean a movie have a zombie die from nature related efects.


Honestly a solid strategy. Just have a backup plan for when the zombs inevitably come knockin. Even some cabin in the middle of the woods may end up with a juggernaut pushing the walls down in one blow. A good smoker and some isolation can keep ya goin a solid and fighting is the #1 way to die horrible, cause one grab leads to another and suddenly your taking 30+ hits for every move you can try to make.


Tried out the bunker scavenger scenario thingy. Never saw it before, seemed like it’d be fun.

Found a mansion and went exploring. Bumped into about 5 heavy boomers, each one making me a giant beacon to all the other creatures. Got thrown into a wall a few times by a few different hulks. Finally died when I came across a corrosive zombie + hulk in a narrow hallway.

Apparently that start puts you in year 2 summer, which I think beefed up all the zombies. That or the mansions are way more dangerous than they used to be.


I ended up being surrounded by zombies after going to the stadium and tried to make a break for it in the water. I had a lot of torso HP (about 200) so I figured I could manage to avoid drowning.

I ended up getting one or two tiles away from land before I drowned, since it turns out being a roided-up cyborg doesn’t make you good at swimming.