How did you last die?


Thats good to know… I didn’t realize that.

My last death was a spawn inside of the evac shelter. Go do to the basement… Bloated zombie and a spitter zombie. Killed them both, but alas… Connor MacGregor the Mall Cop died horribly in a pool of acid and blood.


same thing happend to me lol. spiiters SUCK in a enclosed area


I blown myself up using a mini nuke while rushing toward 2 shocker brutes.

I am Legend my bois.


I died to BAMRU Z-soldier(from Cata++ mod). Hint: dont test his “neutral” stance even when he has noticed you from close or far when early in game.


Prison start as the robo hacker. Was able to pound out a crowbar with a pipe I got from a smashed locker, and I had a high dodge skill, so I made it around the zombies without many issues. A problem did arise, however, when a security robot busted through a door and opened fire on me, a group of zeds behind me, and an npc in the corner. Unfortunately, my orange jumpsuit couldn’t withstand a maelstrom of high-caliber gunfire, and I keeled over dead within six seconds.


Same my good friend ,I lost my save with an 17 day record and probably would made until winter with my luxury RV staked with food until the roof and a kitchenbuddy


Boi I tried using an C4 but I didn’t knew that I was in time so I made it blow up in 6 seconds while I think led it was 6 turns,I was exiting the early game in the edge of mid game SAD


My last death I was driving a semi down a road and out of nowhere died instantly.


Infection? That’s usually what happens, otherwise, it could’ve been a landmine, or passing out (Schizophrenia hidden side effect, not sure if it is taken out with the narcoleptic trait though).


Nah I was full hp, immune to infection and disease outright. Definitetly no mines or anything. Just out of nowhere dead like I got hit by my own Semi while driving it.


Hmm, thats how I died from hypothermia, my character just died out of nowhere, without warning too, just plopped over dead. And the death log said nothing except for “Your limbs are broke” too.


Activated a mininuke hack to try and clear out an absolutely massive horde. I had no idea they could missprogram. I only made it about 3 tiles before being vaporized.


This is why I never touch explosives


Was in a lab. Found a room with soldiers. I did not know what they threw were grenades. They blew up and opened up a room with a turret. Yea.


Haha, ya when they have grenades things get a little fun. Your pretty much dead if they ever see you. Those turrets are some brutal overkill though. Surviving a single volley from those seems nearly impossible.


They do single fire from medium range (<=12 tiles) and do burst-fire from close range (<=6 tiles.) Armor is generally not good enough to absorb a burst, and it’ll usually kill you instantly; I’ve found the best way is to wear enough armor that the bullet is deflected entirely.

Smoke bombs are cheap to make if you don’t have the EMP grenade recipe yet.


All about shot placement


In a lab after surviving for a few months. Had everything and about to start a colony/farm. Ran into a Lab and decided to scope it out to get a last few CBM implants and had shot a Grenadier zombie. I have no clue as to why the explosives on him went off even though I shot him in the head. But. They did. So when I walked near him. They all went off at once and killed me.

Are they supposed to go off after they die now? 0_o


Yeah. If the grenadier status is tracking, it still has hacks to drop when it dies, so either snipe it and wait, or melee the hacks. When the grenadier starts to attacks you, then it won’t drop active hacks.


Oof, mine wasn’t as epic of a death, I got pretty far with my character, only to be gunned down at a terminal because I failed, because it spawned a security bot between me and my exit…