How did you last die?


I shot myself with a Fusion Blaster Arm.


There was a time I died thanks to a small mistake of the game. I was exploring an underground laboratory, when I entered an abitación with glass capsules, I decided to go to investigate, I did not realize that it was full of scientific zombies and flying robots, they threw themselves towards me and I tried to flee. Where I came from, I only had one door on the other side of the room to escape, they caught up with me and killed me, but just as I was loading the “last moments of life” the game closed and when I came back I was in the same place where I died, but there were no zombies and my health was intact … I thought it was a second chance from heaven! \ o / … but apparently it was an endless curse … A lot of zombies started coming out the winged door, so I tried to run away through the other door, I thought I could because I had more time because of the distance … I was wrong … there was a mistake in the game that he made in the same amount of z in the corridor I was going to … I was surrounded … I was diluted in acid and cut by robots. Try to leave and play again from the save point several times (I know it is not the most honorable, but I did not want to lose the character), in the end I learned my lesson, I could not save it, I tried several times to face the problem with different ways, try to go through the zombies, defend myself, etc. everything was in vain, I died so many times that day that I learned not to use the trap of the saved and die with honor … (It was not the last time I died, but it was the one I’ll never forget) PS: I’m using the google translator, in case of writing errors


I didn’t notice I was wielding a single pistol round instead of my melee weapon.


Drove away from the double trouble fungal tower at initial spawn. It was smooth sailing until I hit an ant. I tried to move diagonally, but a jack ant grabbed me and I was promptly ganked by every ant within a tile radius.


Adrenaline overdose, worst death ever. Got a wooping 500 str, then stops ands spasms to the ground -.-


Spawned into Cemetery, befriended the NPC next to me. Snuck into crypt to start crafting.

NPC: Hey, we’d better watch out for that Shocker Brute.

Me: =smashes bench=

NPC: Hey, we’d better watch out for that Shocker Brute.

Me: =rips down curtains=

NPC: Hey, we’d better watch out for that Shocker Brute.

Me: =crafts wooden needle=

NPC: Hey, we’d better watch out for that Shocker Brute.

Me: =crafts duffel bag=

NPC dies
Crafting interrupted by pain!

Me: Where the heck did that Shocker Brute come from?


Lasted like 20 days, tons of books and skills getting up to 8 but raiding was never going quite my way.

Hit the nearby city for supplies at night. Tried sneaking around a spitter zombie but he spotted me so I tried losing him through the back door of a restaurant.

Well, the zeds were thick in restaurant and they spotted me.

I tried backing back out but the patio was accessible by only one block–and on that block was a fat glob of acid. I ended up getting cornered right when he spit again, and I could feel the acid burn through my legs every step I took. I had already taken damage from shady zombies and feral hunters, so the acid didn’t have far to go to finally break my legs. By the time I got away, the pain was unbelievable and hindered my speed. The spitter chased me down and I managed to finish it off–barely. I thought i was safe and started limping away, but I saw a crowd forming in my peripherals. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t hide, and I couldn’t fight them all. But damnit I tried. I dropped my encumbering gear, ready to make my last stand. I managed to crush a skull, then another, but they just kept coming.
I felt the claws of a zombie cop dig into my chest and that was it. My body could take no more.

Don’t get cornered, kids.


Oddly enough I didn’t blow myself up this time with my own friggin grenade. Nope. I didn’t see that turret in the middle of a city road when I was being chased by a herd. I thought it was going to be a chicken walker running around and the second I stepped out from behind the truck blocking the view. The bugger shot me in the head. I died instantly. Meh. Didn’t blow up at least :man_shrugging:


Driving around my little scoutin’ scooter. Stop off at a farm. See pigs running around. Start looking around the place… awful lot of thumping in that barn. Open the door…

AHHHHH! Crap! Zombie horde!

Try to close the door. Get attacked by a random Rottweiler. Kill the rottie… try to run away. Some weird feral predator thing leaps from half a screen away. Zombie horde getting closer. Light Pipe bomb. Throw pipe… 2 tiles away.



Died trying to save an NPC companion who refused to disengage a spitter, continuing to stand in that spitter’s acid. Rest in pieces, dumbass.


the Old Guard ask me to get rid of a headquarter filled with bandits named Hell’s Raider… never did he tell me those bandits has son of a gun skill, absolute headshots and close range rapid fire and you die.

then i got pissed and wishing for mininuke launcher, killed myself for malfunctioning firing.


My fresh Naked and Afraid character was quickly eaten by an Allosaurus.


That poor dino didnt get any fiber in its diet.


My last three were a security bot, a security bot, and a security bot. Can you guess what my least favorite enemy to fight is?


Pretty much the reason I don’t hit the food stores in prisons. Robots kill me every time.


Updating my game android game from like 0.2 or something like that, to almost 0.35 or something like that.


Burrowed into a gun store and was met point blank with a Hulk.


turret at the start of the lab challenge, at least it was quick


Turns out there are new designs for survivor houses that don’t use the completely-reinforced windows.


remember: shady zombies usually travel in groups of 4 to 5. So if you see one there’s a large chance more are around. Learned that the hard way