How did you last die?


You mean the moose? I know, but it doesn’t work fast enough when they are already on top of you. If I remember correctly I’m usually about half dead by the time they scare away if I yell at them while they are attacking me. The worst part about forests.

The new random it a bionic prepper with a mini-flamethrower cbm so I will have fast repellant if I run into another.


I was a Prime mutant with Heavy PA and my NPC’s head exploded due to “missing seats”.
I subsequently crashed into a wreck and blew up my head too.


Well, you did say you were ambushed by a mouse. :stuck_out_tongue:


XD stupid spellcheck must have duped me.


Zombie hulk smashed me into a hospital, broke all my limbs, shot him to death, killed by inhaling someone’s gas.


Day 18, was on my way to install a gas tank into a mobile meth lab, ran into a pack of 6 shocker zombies + a brute, decided to try and go through a building to escape, forgot how slow it was to smash a window with the tank…


I’m not sure what constitutes spoilers so I’ma be real vague.

A certain, special kind of monster spooked me, so I shot it multiple times, using LOS to protect myself as best I could, afraid to get close. It eventually died, one of the only times I’ve ever killed this special monster.

I rushed over to see what sort of awesome loot it might have had – and despite the fact that there were no other monsters nearby, I promptly exploded.

FTW. Now I know better.


ummm mind using spoiler tags? too vague


I presume it was a zombie grenadier? When it dies, it drops all of its explosives, most of them are activated. You have few turns to run away before the fireworks starts. You can check the “loot” with the list all items/creatures (shif+v) button.


He’s right. And if I knew how to use the spoiler thing I would have. That’s why I was being vague. o_o


I could practically hear my NPC allies singing their death song. “Zombears to the left, Migos to the right / Stuck In the Middle With You.”

I, of course, managed to escape by running the heck away. Straight into a Shocker Brute.


Tried to disarm a toilet landmine in a trapped house, even though I had trapping 0 and knew better. Torso HP from full to 0, straight through the survivor suit.


Officer Danny was looting CBMs from a lab with Computer 3. He failed and summoned a security bot. Danny was prepared for this event: he pulled out his EMP grenade, tossed it at the bot’s treads, and headed for cover around the CBM case. At which point the bot opened up with its SMG and one-shot Danny to death.

Next time, take cover FIRST, then draw out the grenade.


I had the brilliant idea of crashing a security van into a bank at 130 ish kmph. Well i would have succeded breaching the bank if i didn’t checked before the broken seatbelt i was on and ended splattered all over the windshield. GG


Shocker brute was a truly energizing experience, especially in a metal armor.


Don’t drink from unclean sources of water or eat uncooked food. You likely got paracites.


Zombie Grenadier in Lab Barracks decided to give me some C-4 upon his unfortunate demise


Set my books on fire instead of the wood in the brazier. Character was an academic trying to collect knowledge and couldn’t bear the thought so he set everything on fire while smoking a joint and hotboxed the base while wearing full fire fighter gear until it was too much.


Well, I didn’t die necessarily, but I found a stairway going upstairs in a library that had rubble on it. So I was thinking…hm, the top floor must be blocked off. I cleared the rubble and tried using the stairs only to see in the log “you are slammed against the stairs for 92 damage. You’re knocked to the floor.”
Now…my brain was trying to process this. It was processing this hard.
First thought: “gah! I’m under attack!”
Second thought: “what slammed me? o_O”
Third thought: “How does climbing up stairs equate to getting thrown down the stairs?”
Final thought: “I’d better try this again just to be sure…”


Zombie super soldier (from Cata++) zapped me to death.

Lesson learned: fight with these only from outside their firing range.