How did you last die?


walked into some howlers at night with a new character, did not end well~


Mauled by two feral predators during a night raid, broke my arms -> no bow. Should have brought a pistol…


Finally broke my 7-day record!

I set off the alarm at a police station, and drew the attention of three shockers and a shocker brute, along with a horde of other zombies.

Could have sworn I had cleared that area, too.


I had gotten a few NPCs with me, left them behind at the new base because they whine about sleeping, and looted a house a few roads down. There are no stairs down after going up, from a 2 story house.

I haven’t died yet, but I’ve decided my character is better off dying, so he will die soon. I needed to slightly adjust his build anyway.


Check under the furniture. It can be hidden, but a quick scan with ; will let you locate them, because it will say “stairs” instead of “floor.”


After 9 days in the woods, my scavenger was on a supply run and picked a fight with a wasp. He won, but his gear got cut up and he had to use a first aid kit to repair damage to his torso. Then he ran into a migo he’d fought before and killed it, with more damage to his torso. Then he saw an almost dead bear and decided to go kill it for fat, meat, and fur. The bear wasn’t having any of it, wacked his torso again, and killed him instantly.

Lesson learned: don’t get greedy. Kill the bear with thrown rocks, don’t try to melee it with a quarterstaff and freaking medieval swordsmanship.


(Rot's guide to the cataclysm)

Should help. Try making your dodge 2-3 at character creation, really helps you survive early game.


thinking am save from zombie hulks if theres spitters killing him… brute hit me from my gun house to hardware store setting off the alarm (or any place whit alarm and CPU)


Fired a Demon Claw. Those things are powerful.


Nudged a Bus with my Suv (~100km/h) on his frontside and brought it in motion while circling it to get behind it for the turn which i wanted to take, unfortunately it had whacked me inbetween his Metallic rear and a wall. Fortunately the minefield on the otherside of the T-crossing had caughted a smaller zombiehorde which lended me some shrapnells and Fire as it had exploded the adjacted Hummve full of gasoline… Zombies infront and an Inferno behind and my doors blocked by Metal and Concrete. atleast my character had a good time while dying by getting knawed and burned with his stash of Weed & Amph and listening to this Awesome Drummer solo.

For firsttime driving after two seasons without a crash while driving with 200Km/h through cities and being “vanila” bodywise he made a good run after those 12 character which passed away for learing the Controls of the game at all. ( one poor soul died by dehydration as he had broken legs and hadn’t setup a Funnel )
But i wanted to tryout those solarpanels and getting a grasp about the energysystem at all with him.
Rob Bobby may be more proficient in those goals and maybe a few CBM will be in for him aswell… just not those in the mentioned Wreckage :joy:

PS: worth to continue the used world or making a new one - tought decision. would a wrench survive an inferno? Had to loot countless cities to find one :confused:


Demon Claw? What are those?


Magical artefact from the Arcana mod. It’s an unarmed weapon, a light source and a gun that fires a very powerful explosive projectile that also sets everything on fire.


Yeah, it’ll be fine, only flammable stuff should be destroyed.


Once when I accidentally burned down a base I was surprised when I came back to dig out the rubble and found all of my canned goods had survived. I would have thought the cans would burst in the heat but I was able to recover most of my food supply.


since i learned to play with fire, Marc Fraggen has found out that the amount of zombies can be toomuch for one small contained fire inside a building, his last resort was to hide inside the Bank Tresor while the building burned down. Only his Goldteeths were found. :money_mouth_face: - and two Brutes guarding them.


Grabbed by a regular zombie and held in the pool of acid created by an acid zombie while I tried to stab them to death with the bayonet attachment on my crossbow that I couldn’t reload in time. It was shaping up to be a good run before that.


Went to a survivor encampment open the gate shot by bots


Thinking I figured out how to survive, I was sure my pawn would last several years. Then I ran into a tough zombie during a night raid and decided it was a good idea to dropping backpack and sling while the zombie was attacking me. Because, well, how long could it take to drop two things anyway?

“The tough zombie is attacking you. Continue dropping? Yes!”

Next thing I know my pawn had deep bite wounds on his torso and both arms. I had enough alcohol to make a crappy first aid kit and disinfect one of the wounds. But I’m all like, “they can’t really be that bad, right?” so I decided to send my pawn to bed and let his body heal on its own. My pawn spent the entire night in pain and puking. Wakes up with pus pouring out of both bloated arms. There was no hospitals anywhere near. I had no idea what to do.

Oh, what it is to die of an infection!



Well I am officially playing again. First survivor back made it to a nearby campsite, got tings organized and got a cart together, then got ambushed by a mouse and beat it off with his 12 dex (random draw) and a Nord.

Continuing on with 2 bars HP for chest and head, he continued to try to make his way to the double mansions nearby, but was re-ambushed by the same mouse that now had only one bar of HP, and despite the bush advantage died of a final blow to the head.

Guess he won’t be able to live in the campsite, or the double mansions on triffids that must be from a spawn probably just past the edge of the starting mapped area, and the single tile river with a single tile river bank with ~4 tiles of swampland

Green Harbor is definitely a world I’ll have to explore further with other characters.


You can shout or build a fire to keep the mice away, you know. :mouse:

Though shouting may not be a good idea next to a mansion.