How did you last die?


I only found C:DDA within the last two months.


I think those craters are from mini-nuke or artillery strikes and not from meteorites. They may be radioactive, so skirting them would be prudent.


I believe my last words were along the lines of “Oooh a survivor house” As I smashed in the front door… I lost two legs and an armand most of my head in the resulting explosions. Thanks Cataclysm.


those are literal trap houses :o .

i am terrified of starting in on by random chance


If I’m starting out my first response is, hmm is one of the traps a crossbow by chance?


Who in Hell’s name puts Landmines in their house? That’s insane by Cataclysm standards, and these are people who drink radioactive coffee, use landmines for hunting and invented/use the Fusion Blaster Arm.


My favorite was finding a bear trap in a fast food restaurants bathroom.


My latest project is to start a survivor in wool clothes in a non-zombies world (but with mi-go and insects and whatnot as wildlife) with the mining mod, and rebuild civilization despite starting with nearly nothing.

Current results on 6 tries are eaten by wolves, eaten by coyotes, trampled by moose, eaten by bear, eaten by wolves, and eaten by dogs. Grinding up to Fabrication 5 and a rock forge is easy; not getting killed while scavenging for that 40th rock is apparently hard when your armor is a wool hoodie.


Shady zombies…oh how my new characters hate them!


I never really understood what the hell they did. They’re weaker than the average Z and run away from you… not much of a big deal to me.


I seem to always wander into a pack of them on my first night raid.


Shelter started near a Mega Mall. That was short lived.

Mauled by a pack of wolves pretty much as soon as I stepped outside to grab a rock.

Next game started near a fungus tower thingie. Geared up, headed for the nearest town. First two routes were blocked by fungal growth, so I headed to the second closest town, which was overrun by ants. Spent all night searching for a decent place to shack up. Found a neat new house design that included a backyard and a shed. Decided to hole up in the shed. While I was cooking my first meal, a zombie brute showed up, and punched me through the wall of my new home.

Kinda wishing I had save-scummed my last decent playthrough. I still haven’t made it past day 6.


That’s during the day. At night, they happen to be almost invisible until they’re right in front of you.


Invinsible in any kind of darkness so they could be in that house you just broke into.


They’re also blind in daylight, but have good night vision. They make night time raids much more dangerous, which is cool since that used to be easy mode.


shady Zs don’t run away from you, they simply stumble around in dormant mode because they cant find you. they hear snd smell still, and have a nominal sight range in the day.


Shady zombies have significantly shorter sight in daylight. Not sure about regular light though like from a flood light.


Really Bad Day start in a small 4-house town in the middle of absolute nowhere, one of which was burning down.

The town had 3 fucking migos and a bear


My last death that was worthy would be getting naked and making portals as I slowly irradiated to death with a Krek following me.

I got shot a by turret not long after, but became portal god for a while.


My camper spawned near a town without any zombie hordes. He scavenged the houses, found a bunch of useful goods including a copy of Mechanical Mastery, swapped out a bad alternator on an otherwise working car, and headed off down the road to see what else was out there. Life was grand.

He got out to pick up some random loot, killed a zombie, decided to hang around long enough to go ahead and kill a zombie soldier, and his hatchet couldn’t penetrate the armor fast enough to kill the zombie without attracting a nearby mi-go. And then he couldn’t disengage fast enough to avoid getting sandwiched between them and murdered.

Total time time from waking up, hitting the high points of his day, and dying horribly: 5 hours.