How did you last die?


last three died because i like playing very bad day tweakers so they end up puking their guts out and dying of hunger in someone’s house.


Torn to shreds in the middle of a city searching for ambulances for a first aid kit/antibiotics. Shower victims and tweakers have a very desperate start with an infected wound.


Mobbed when i went to a museum for a zheinhander or whatever, turns out that alarms are assholes.


Did you break the door down?


Made a character by accident, didn’t want him, especially as he was a Shower Survivor. I slap-fought the other survivor (who was armored and armed) and won, then ran outside, took off my towel, wielded it, and tried to rat-tail whip a zombie to death.

Last words were “I was… A… Mistake.”



I crashed into the door with a security van :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh usually the zombies are busy with the eye bots before they can actually break the door down. But that is usually for me because they haven’t seen me yet so they prioritize the robots first.


I guess i have bad luck hehehe


To be fair I either used lockpicks or a crowbar.


I prefer the “quick and messy” way when i raid towns, its more funny and less tedious but more dangerous.


Was playing PK’s rebalancing mod. Big cities. I was clearing my way through the southern rural district of a mid sized town when I happened upon a trapdoor spider egg sack. When I approached the sack to torch it, two of the trap door spiders appeared out of no where and began an epic fight. A dozen dead trap door spiders later I could see the mounds moving in the ground that indicated their approach. I was at the epicenter of their hunting ground.

I emptied my USP .45 into an alpha trapdoor spider, broke my makeshift glaive on another spider’s nasty 8 eyed face, but when I went for my SCAR-H I realized one of my arms had been broken and that my health pool was stretched to its limit.

Upon realizing that these overgrown 8 legged burrowers spawned straight out of Satan’s pox ridden sphincter were about to overrun me, I activated a brick of C-4, ate a bullet, and let the death timer run until the C-4 blew a dozen more of those rat bastards to kingdom come.


Almost had an RV fully operational to go somewhere less fungal and where I hadn’t tripped alarms in both the pawn shop and the museum. Got cornered by a police bot on the way to install a non-flawed engine in it. One of the little ones without the knockout gas. Just couldn’t get away from it or hit it.


Decided to play with an Electronics character for the first time. There was a small village to the south of my Evac Shelter, with only three houses left amid a metorite crash site. To the northwest was a much larger cty, just past a large regional school.

I spend the first day looting the southern village, finally finding a knife after several tense hours carefully playing hide and seek with Turret-vs-Zombie brawl happening in the exact center of the village. No edible-if-uncooked food or anything to boil water in. Can’t even light a fire to try.

I spend the night starving, sewing warm enough clothing for the trek past the school to the other town, puking toilet water all over my projects. The route out of town I planned to take was covered in giant spider webs.

I’m coming past the school just around sunrise, so I skirt extra wide around the school.

Turns out there was a horde of zombie kids in that field on the other side of the road from the school.

Not sure whether to blame the nausea or the frostbite for my inability to outrun them. I’d rather blame whoever’s house it was that had four packs of cigarettes but not a single gorram lighter in it.


Meteorite crash site?


On the map, they are a large scattering of red M’s, listed as “Crater southeast of .”

I’m still pretty new to the game, and have yet to make it longer than a week, so I’m sure that other folks know all kinds of spoilerific info. For me, though, it’s still a mystery.


Shocker Brute followed me down into the sewers. Those things aren’t kidding around.


Unless you are playing with a mod that adds it I more of don’t know if it’s new or old and and I just haven’t seen it?


I’m playing with the OSX Graphical pack downloaded from , no mods other than the ones that come with that pack. I’ve seen these craters at least once before, a month or two ago (0.C.67xx I believe?).


To be fair I have not played this game in about 2 months.