How did you last die?


Oh cool a reinforced boarded house! must have some neat equipment inside by hardened survivors!

Step into a landmine…

self-reminder to bring a grenade against those crackhead’s houses…


[quote=“Dishonored Archer, post:2481, topic:339”]Oh cool a reinforced boarded house! must have some neat equipment inside by hardened survivors!

Step into a landmine…

self-reminder to bring a grenade against those crackhead’s houses…[/quote]
Main thing I found useful of those houses was as a low level character, crossbow traps as although it might mean damage it also means free silent ranged weapon with easily craftable ammo.


“Stinky” Pritchett was having a really bad day. I mean, sure he had a bunch of booze in his bindle, and some strange woman actually agreed to be his friend for some reason, but the city was a wreck and crazy people were running around everywhere. Still, it was obviously high time for looting and getting the hell out of town. Unfortunately, all the cars were locked, but this office building had some kind of garage, so Stinky and pal climbed through a window and began looking for a way in.
He was sucking down cheap wine at a prodigious rate, but still the DTs kept coming, and he began to hallucinate. Down in the basement of the office tower, he saw a giant albino penguin, but resolved to keep his mouth shut and pretend he didn’t, so as not to startle the first friend he’d had in years. They moved on by, but found nothing worth having, and circled back around. That’s when Stinky’s new friend reacted to the penguin, screaming and fighting with it. This was a new one on Stinky, but he tried his best to help her fight it off, but was killed shortly thereafter. His friend survived and went on to be some kind of expert scout or something.
RIP in peaces, Stinky. His last words were "Wait, that pengin waz real?

(I had enabled the No Monsters Mod and cranked up the NPC generation so I could see how long I could go Hobo with a Shotgun before some NPC dropped an active mininuke at his feet, but apparently No Monsters doesn’t block the rare giant penguin nether creature, which is kind of awesome. I was SURE it was a hallucination effect the first time, but I know I wasn’t hallucinating anymore the second time I went by – I was just hoping it would ignore us like the first time. Stinky was just hoping it wasn’t real, and we were both hoping in vain as it turned out.)


I didnt know zombie granadiers could activate their granades on its last breath, so it was dead and 2 explosions later i was too


Reason why I disable them, it’s not fun to not be able to grab their grenade goodies after they die.


What? No their stuff usually survives. Especially their hacks, they survive. Which is what I kill them for anyway.

And if you can somehow kill them at melee range you can snag a few choice items before running. And their teargas and emp and flashbang hacks are jokes.

You can probably survive a single grenade hack if you flee, and its really only the mininuke and c4hacks that are problems. And I consider the c4 hacks more dangerous than the mininukes.


Had a very end-game character having a bit of everything, playing with Cataclysm++ mod which it adds an antimateriel turret, I have the habit of walking non-stop without activating safe-mode in special circunstances, the turret shot me and obliterated me in 4 turns, good night sweet princess…


Started with the lock lab start and found some mini nukes on the bottom floor (gotta go down to go up) anyways I forget about them for awhile after getting out, well while in the nearby city I got stuck in a police station. It’s at this moment I realize I still have the mini nukes (just 3) and I activate one. Setting the timer to 10 thinking I could get out easy and being new to the game. well I got suck in the very small next room and tried to smash down a metal door using my hands. Safe to say it took more than 10 turns. Goodnight sweet mutant. Gone from this world too soon.


i died by drunken driving… yep… the irony, i took some vodga becose i have alcohol broblams, about 50- morale so, naturally i took some, that make me to blackout /sleep, i normlally but to max becose my car seems to move faster if i just but to 70/mph, going about 88 km i crashed into a bush… (i think), so i flew trouch the windshield and dyed :slight_smile: (also the very first death i had was me breaking out of prison not even knowing i can smash stuff by pressing s in the beginning… or grab by G, . or build by *, i looked around for a toturial on how to blard windows for so long… anyway after breaking out of prison i diden’t know anything about cars, some green number coes up, i can only move up right or up left, i managed to crash my car at 88mph becose i was stuck in driving mode :confused: (becose i diden’t know toturial existed and it doesn’t teach that much)


also i remember that i made a firewall, burning house scanario, 2 days later i wake up, half the city is burning, and rain has hard time stopping it, natrually i (try to) escape and i have 2 choices:1) walk trouch fire whit my randol fire equipment or 2) fight the army of fungus… i ragequitted, i diden’t think it was “death” sl i diden’t mentsion it in my previos post


Butters had a 200 ton death bus going 200mph over the speed limit. Butters hears an NPC.
"Drop the weapon, fucker!"
Butters decides to run him over.
3 seconds later the death bus is a flaming land torpedo and crashes into a factory
The NPC had C4 which exploded under my gas tanks.
RIP Butters


Note to self: make sure the batteries are charged on the wearable radiation monitor BEFORE wandering around the incredibly radioactive wasteland trying to locate a necropolis.


My novice ninja had both her legs broken on day 2 of the apocalypse, and didn’t have the medical skill to do anything about it.

Nevertheless, she doggedly dragged herself through the next 10 days through use of a pair of Light Amp goggles and picking her fights with care, until she finally made the mistake of going out in the day and was spotted in the open by a Shocker Brute.



i created a new world whit no setting change at all, obkt like more charatchers, cars, tanks, guns and all that: i start out as a cooker, good in cooking and melee with touch skill and strength to see if i can survive unitil i die from starvasion on day 2 (record) , i have fast reader and not so high IQ sadly so i quickly start searching books from my spawn point (library), i find out the good stuff is on the other side whit windows batween, i grab shelfa and make them right so obky light source from outside has a wall, i find good books, mostly speaking and fabricy (fabricy 0-4 and fabricy 5-10 :O) i start reading… a damn spiter killed meh door and i diden’t hear it, theres zombies outside seeing mr, it storms in, so i try to make him break a bookshelf becose its like a shield and useful 2x4, i get the bookcase… apparently i diden’t grab the bookcase and just walked to a self, so the spider cornors me and am forced to hand to hand fight it, i win, theres spitter, boomer and normal zombie, i take my 2x4 and start making to the doow when acid and a norm. zombie block it, i start killing the spiter but boomer comes in… : boomer - trow or shoot him, spitter - hit him…
i can tell am gonna be dead if i fight so i try to go back and around so the acid would be gone, he spits i go back and am at the same pleace whit no acid, i just need to run… well, the door aint broken and windows have counters so they spit and hit me… i die whit more stuff but on fighting… how are you supposed to survive more then 2 days in the defult world settings? somone teach me!


I was a sheltered survivor. I had emerged into the cataclysm to find the fungus threat slowly closing on my shelter on the NW. I started gathering supplies and try to find a vehicle to help me explore/move away from the fungus. The closest town has three buildings so I loot it down. I don’t find any vehicles worth mentioning though. I start slowly clearing into the town much farther to the south. During which, despite my extreme caution, I end up with an infected wound that I could not cauterize or disinfect. At this point I started searching around for antibiotics. Found a functioning humvee on the bridge to the east of the town I was looting. It had a loaded mk19 grenade launcher in it. I started driving like a maniac until I found a doctors office. At this point I used the mk19 to try and clear as much as possible from the doctors office and then parked my humvee right against the door. Right as I realize I’m on my last shot a Brute shows up. I hop into the doctors office and start searching while the brute tears apart my humvee. I don’t find any antibiotics but there are two locked doors. At this point I realize that I left my crowbar in the humvee… I tried to make a makeshift one after sneaking out the back but… the zombies got me in the end…


Played in a nuclear reactor. Got some fun mutations but didn’t live through the radiation sickness. Got irradiated faster and higher than last time I played in a toxic waste sarcophagus.


Nuclear reactor? Is that in the game or is it a mod?


hazardous waste darchooghi.

and the better question is: are you using anymods like pks rebalance?


The Nuclear Reactor is from Bright Nights. If you have Radiation Protection, you can use the leftover nuclear material to make Plutonium Cells.


I guess it’s in the latest experimental.