How did I die?

Hello all! New player and poster here. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and have been lurking these forums and wiki for as long until now.

So I started playing on .8 and finally got to where I could keep a character alive and navigate the New England area some.

Then .9 came out so I gave it a few weeks before jumping in so whatever major bugs there were could be fixed. Not my first rodeo with roguelikes and games in active development. I’m a long time (3-4 years now?) Dwarf Fortress player along with a hand full of other roguelikes.

SOooo I launched up .9 and got my options just right, plugged in the retro tile-set that is just awesome btw! (side question why is that the only tile-set I’ve used so far that shows items on top of or inside other items. In all other tile-sets that came with .9 if an item was on a piece of furniture it didn’t show it. The retro tile-set seems to be the only one that shows items ontop/inside other items, just curious if it’s a bug or what) I created a waay overpowered character, gave myself like 20 points and Overkill was born. Enabled Black Road and started my journey.

Skip ahead to day 4, only major injury I’ve sustained was a deep bite to one of my feet but I cauterized the wound and put some disinfectant on it. Later that night I decide to go raid a Radio Tower and see whats going on. I make my way there and inside without incident. No zeds all is quiet. I notice a majority of the floor is covered in rubble (rebar, two by four, nails and such), I’m assuming the roof was destroyed? This was my first radio tower visit so didn’t know what to expect. Anyway after I’ve checked all the rooms out I go stand in the middle of the rubble to see if I can craft anything useful. I start making a stone shovel cause I haven’t made one yet and it’s pretty useful. Half way through all my body parts take the same amount of damage, pain starts rising. Nothing was announced so I immediately book it outside and start dropping items cause I’m overburdened and take some meds while applying the two first aids I brought. But as I continue to travel to the restaurant south my HP on all my parts keep dropping pain starts shooting up and I eventually start vomiting until I eventually die inside the restaurant. Three in-game hours is about all it took.

My character is disease resistant I checked my characters memorial and the only ongoing effects I had other than the pain(145) was chilly head. I’m assuming I ran across an invisible enemy with a very nasty psionic ability or something, I’m clueless and don’t want that to happen again.

Bite wounds sometimes require antibiotics if you don’t disinfect them immediately.

I ate some of those first as well just in case.

Sounds like you stumbled upon a highly radioactive crater/destroyed building, and died from radiation.(sometimes craters and destroyed buildings have been destroyed by nuclear blasts and are highly radioactive.)

Wouldn’t there be vomiting involved, though? :open_mouth:

Yeah, you died of radiation poisoning, that sucks :frowning:

Gotta hoard up those iodine tablets I guess.

Well that was some serious radiation. Does it always kill that fast? Any way of detecting if you have radiation poisoning or if a certain area is radioactive? I had some iodine at my base but no way I would have made in time. Should I take iodine periodically like vitamines just in case?

Thanks for the responses people! Now I have one more thing to look out for. Will start another char/world tom, looking forward to it!

Having a exposed radiation badge worn will tell you if a area is radioactive.
Also, with geiger counters (geiger ctr ingame name) you can scan yourself.
And radiation very rarely kills you THAT fast, so you probably ran across some ruins that are very highly radioactive.

Each Iodine tablet last for 2 hours, eating more will increase the duration of the effect, they are not exactly surplus so I wouldn’t advise taking them regularly like vitamin. One way to find out about the radiation level of the area is to wear a radiation badge, depend on the radiation level they will show different color.
Some craters are slightly radioactive, so avoid and go around them if you can.

Those small squares of rubble that occasionally spawn in the map (in the radio tower in this case) are always highly radioactive so youll better avoid them.

Radiation is not a big threath however. Only those rubble squares and waste dumps have it so its something you can completely avoid

It should also take some time. I’ve looted more than a few places with craters, and I’ve never had a serious problem with radiation. (Except when messing around on purpose, of course…)

He did craft a stone shovel in the middle of the crater, so yeah, that is plenty of time for the radiation to murder you