Hosting an SSH Server, no clear guides or tutorials available. Looking for help

Basically what it says above. I’m looking to get an SSH server set up for my wife and I to play privately (In a “Pseudo-Multiplayer” sense, like WatchCDDA) over the same network in a shared world. I’ve tried looking for guides, tutorials, and any information I can gather on the subject, really, but it’s near nonexistent. I can set up the server just fine, but I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do with Cataclysm to get it all working and running smoothly to support two player instances in the same world.

I guess I’m just hoping somebody with the right know-how can point me in the right direction? I know a few people have done it before, the information’s just not super readily available.

Have you tried talking to the watchdda people? There’s a discord server, and they might be wiling to help.