Keeping NPC morale up

Finally ran into an NPC willing to travel with me. Have her equipped and everything, but when I examine her stats, she’s typically unhappy. For the moment I have NPC needs turned off, so I cannot rely on food/drink to raise mood (If there is a way please let me know). And reading morale boost goes away really quickly, so isn’t super viable. Is there a reliably way to raise NPC morale? Alternatively, is there a way to turn NPC needs back on without breaking the world due to removing a mod?

Read a book together that brings up morale?

Back up your save and give it a try. The No NPC Needs mod shouldn’t add any items or recipes or anything, so nothing should be missing. It ought to just cause the NPC’s needs to start working again.

How do see NPC morale ?

On the @ page for any particular character, it’s usually under the 'Effects" tab, where it will show you Happy/Unhappy/etc.

OP, does your NPC have the Bad-Tempered trait? I put that on my last survivor and, let me tell you, that permanent -10 morale was a real bitcharoony-doony to deal with.

At some point we need playing musical instruments make NPC’s morale go up around you within a radius dependent on the sound volume.

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Ok you can sees the effects they are under but you don’t have as much info as with the (V)morale menu on your character.